Saudis release skit lampooning President Joe Biden

Published 2022-04-12
Former Bush adviser Karl Rove tells 'Jesse Watters Primetime' that Riyadh is not happy with Washington. #jessewattersprimetime #foxnews

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All Comments (21)
  • فيصل
    Being Saudi, this is a fact. We see Joe Biden this way, and I am Saudi too. We, as Saudi people, have always loved and respected Trump. He was really successful.
  • Arindam Saha
    I couldn't stop laughing at this 🤣🤣. Never knew Saudis had this sense of great humour.
  • B Moseley
    The real embarrassment is on the voters that put him there. Shows how vulnerable we are as a country.
  • Patricia Wilson
    The MOST embrasssing moment on the world stage is anytime Biden speaks 😂
  • James Low
    I love how "heels up" Harris calls him Joe over and over trying to stress they are on first name basis after she called him a white supremacist racist during the debates🤪🤪
  • JCM 27
    I'm not dissapointed with Saudi's mockery because it is 💯 accurate representation of our current president 🤣. Trump is the real deal!
  • Brendan
    The Saudi skit wasn't even harsh! It's damned accurate!
  • Michael Kida
    The Saudi skit is funny because it reflects the real situation. In humor there is truth.
  • Kampu Cyngcon
    Finally, Saudi TV show what we all really think about US govt right now. 😂😂
  • jack daniels
    That’s how the smart half of our country sees him as well.
    This sketch from 🇸🇦 is funnier than anything on SNL.
  • Steve Wells
    Everyone, spread this skit around on your social media platforms. Let everyone see what the world thinks of Brandon....
  • Donnie Peterson
    When I hear the lyrics I'm Proud to be an American, I think of President Trump and his family who in my heart and mind are our real duly elected President and family. Salutations President President Trump and family!
  • Barbara Lonero
    Never once did I see Trump do anything embarrassing the people that are saying it or the embarrassing ones
  • I dont care what political party you side with, but admit this was hilarious
  • dwain edwards
    Prices started to rise the day he took office. I didn’t know a bird pooped on him, even the birds know.🤣🤣🤣
  • The Ben
    To be honest, the Saudi's were being fairly tame with this comedy skit. In reality I'm not even sure Joe can recite the alphabet
  • Curious George
    I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Saudis. That skit was awesome! To bad they couldn't broadcast that here in the states on a regular basis. Alot of Americans would be laughing with them