A Mustard Seed of Hope: a powerful conversation about hopelessness.

Published 2020-06-01
I was asked a follow up question to my recent webinar

“How has your experience taught you to deal with or help others in your life with hopelessness?”

Instead of answering this question directly I ask my friend Maurillia Simpson how she has dealt with feelings of hopelessness in her life. Maurillia lives with great physical, emotional and financial pain since her life changing injury several years ago. In this conversation she opens up about her troubles and how pertinent her experiences are in helping anyone, particularly those struggling during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“The pain feels like a grenade exploding in my spine…every single day…since 2011.”

“I’ve never been kind to Maurillia…I’ve had to learn to focus on Maurillia first…and it’s given me hope.”

“Be compassionate to yourself first”

"I would love to sing in front of millions of people" Watch the end to hear Maurillia's beautiful voice in a short, impromptu rendition.

Thank you so much Maurillia.

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