Published 2020-09-25

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  • @momof2momof2
    I listen to this every single day. Please don't ever take it down. It's so relaxing .
  • @taniadolphy5122
    It's a cold winter evening here in Minnesota, and I'm spending my evening once again listening to this relaxing music. It's the type of music one craves more of. Thank you for sharing with us 💖.
  • Painting a beautiful sunset listening to this music. So peaceful ❤️
  • @taniadolphy5122
    I can do so many different things while listening to this lovely, relaxing, and seductive music.
  • This music serves as my sleep enhancer.. So soothing to hear...
  • @taniadolphy5122
    Labor day weekend -- at home on Saturday night, listening to this lovely music. I'm absolutely In love with it ❤. It's so mello and smooth, difficult to turn off!
  • @Kimama8
    What a blessing this music. It helps me to calm down and I'm sure I can sleep well!
  • Love this video. So beautifully relaxing. I've had some bad nights sleep lately so I'm listening to put me in the right frame of mind. So far it's working really well 🤩
  • It's Friday, February 11, 2022. I came back to listen to my favorite music. It sounds better than ever. I'll drift off to sleep and be totally happy.
  • I love this so much, could you possibly make a 10 hour one if it’s not too much trouble?
  • I felt a true need to again visit with this lovely late night music. It is haunting in a beautiful way 💜. I hope that many music lovers visit here because they will truly have a wonderful experience. And, no doubt, will return from time to time.
  • @taniadolphy5122
    This outstanding music takes me to a more relaxing place. We all could benefit from an evening listening to this exquisite sound while enjoying our favorite libation 🍸.
  • @eyesopen5836
    I listen while studying 📖 the Bible! My white noise! God bless y'all!
  • @krisseth2000
    Brings me back to memories back in 2019 when it first uploaded!
  • @jessiekondiah8110
    This smooth jazz music helps me tremendously to fall asleep at nights ,gives me piece of mind and it helps me calm my depression...so thanks a million .....
  • @aavv1818
    JESSE, this is My ALL TIME FAVORITE JAZZ MUSIC/VIDEO especially after a busy day! Thank you!
    -San Francisco fan girl