Published 2022-09-20

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  • Brock Crawford
    The nostalgia the new videos give off is ridiculous. Never change your editing style Casey
  • Good to see you back Casey! I can feel the joy radiating!! xxx
  • leokimvideo
    It's so comforting to see Casey back in New York, he's fits in so well to the big energy that's abundant there. When he moved to CA it was like watching a weird new style Green Acres TV show. The NY city boy who's a missfit when put anywhere else. Expensive lesson learned casey, NEVER LEAVE NY AGAIN.
  • bobi miiu
    The JOY in Casey's voice in these new NYC videos! Being in a place where you feel at home is so powerful.
  • I know this will get lost in the thousands of comments here, but Casey I wanted to let you know that I made it in NYC. I have been watching your videos for as long as I can remember, and not only am I drawn to what you represent and your passion for always doing more, but like you, I have always been in love with NYC. I have loved watching you explore the city in which I dreamed of living. I have always felt the same way as you; NYC means so much more to me than just a place on the map. To me it represents opportunity, challenging yourself, the power of human spirit, and where dreams come true. I feel a spiritual connection to this place. I am also from CT, so I guess in the grand scheme of things living here doesn't seem like all too far of a dream to most. But walking around and being able to call this place mine is so special. Having your heart set on a goal and making it become reality is incredible and such a great fulfillment. I know with all my heart that this is where I'm supposed to be. And not only am I living here, I now work as a structural engineer designing bridges at one of the largest engineering firms on the 56th floor of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building!!!! If someone told me even 6 months ago that this would be my life I wouldn't believe them for a second. There is no place like New York City. I am so blessed that my hard work, passion, and drive for life and this city has paid off. There is no better feeling in the world, and I definitely have you to thank in being a constant inspiration for me. Thank you Casey and welcome home, I hope to see you around.
  • Magdaléna
    It's so great to see that not only Casey is happy to be back in NYC, but also that New York(ers) is (are) happy that Casey is back ❤️🗽
  • I’m not sure whether Casey is happier to be back in New York or whether New York is happier to have Casey and the family back. All I know is the frequency of these videos is making me happy.
  • Mika Laybourn
    I loooove how everyone's first interaction now is "Welcome back". Not the usual "Can I get a picture". Love it! Been smiling throughout this whole video, oh my days
  • Never thought a YouTube video could make me this emotional. The nostalgia hit like a train. You never know how much you love something until it's gone. Well now it's back! Your storytelling and editing is unmatched Casey. Your enthusiasm is jumping through my screen. I was smiling the whole time while watching this video. You made my day. Let's keep them coming!
  • Donna Dyble
    I love how you can read exactly what Candice is thinking just by her facial expressions. 😹Love that gal, she is such a cool cat ❤ Talking of facial expressions, Casey you look absolutely over the moon to be back in NYC 😁
  • hen ko
    Smiling from ear to ear, your energy is contagious :)
  • Chicago Angler
    What a joyful, and positive video. Don’t stop Casey. ❤
  • Jakerton
    LETS GOOOOOO, something about this is just making me feel complete again. WELCOME BACK CASEY.
  • Samira Khan
    Casey surely got the most heart warming welcome back from his fans in New York plus that rainbow is one big welcome back gesture from mother nature!
  • Andrea Guzman
    This vlog is nostalgic! Casey you are the true definition of a New Yorker you love the city in all its glory and also during the not so glorious times. Welcome back
  • Everything about Casey is so inspiring, so motivational. Thanks Casey, I appreciate how you make me feel with every single one of your videos
  • I am so excited to see Casey back in New York and can’t wait to see all of the creativity he brings to the world!! Keep touching peoples lives Casey!!
  • Simon Howes
    You can feel the happiness radiating through the screen! You and the family were probably lucky to be out of NYC through the pandemic, but it clearly suits you to be back!