Full Press Conference: 'Bone chilling' child abuse case

Published 2023-05-26
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd discusses 'horrific' case of child abuse that left an incapacitated toddler dead and landed his parents behind bars.

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All Comments (21)
  • @76844
    It would not be the least bit surprising if these two individuals selfishly wanted the child in their home because welfare paid more. Absolutely disgusting.
  • As a former child of severe child abuse ( people knew but did nothing)! Thank you for standing up for us abused children. I love you! ❤
  • @kimyesh4432
    I absolutely adore Sheriff Grady Judd. He is a man who works tirelessly for justice to be served and for public safety.
  • @RayVal53
    Rest easy, little one. No one can hurt you anymore.
  • @debracoggins6825
    I was severely abused as a child. Social Services came out but left doing nothing. It would go on many years until I was 12 and it couldn't be ignored anymore. We need more Sheriff Grady's in this world.
  • I am a retired RN for a decade now who cared for adults and infants on ventilators during part of my career. I have taken care of those types of wounds on various patients. I cannot fathom how anyone could sit and watch that progression of disease in such a little body. He is free now and in my heart he is with the Angels. Thank you for putting out such a heart rending report.
  • @SassySarrie
    The emotion in this guys voice says it all. Total respect for the people that walk into situations like this and have that to live with for the rest of their lives. Rip little man😞
  • @jewlz9095
    I know a couple who does foster care in MO that abused and tortured my little brother. Starting at age 4 he was r@pd by their son and would put out cigarettes on him. When we told the counselor he called us liars. Years later at 15 he ran away, the state didn’t believe him still. It’s sickening and shocking what kind of people sign up for childcare for all the wrong reasons.
  • @edinburgmommy
    They kept the baby for welfare & a disability check. Shameful & disgusting both of them!
  • @kimbarnett3017
    I pray for this baby that he felt nothing and he is now in the lords arms and feels nothing but love. RIP little man.
  • @chelsd7724
    As a medical professional and seeing stage 5 ulcers on people who are supposed to be taken care of by the ones who are trusted most makes me so beyond sick to hear what this poor baby suffered. No brain activity or not this baby didn’t deserve any of this and for the parents to still collect money every month while let let him lay there and slowly die is absolutely sickening
  • @melindaprice6200
    As a nurse and a mother of a special needs child, this makes me sick! They need to be buried under the prison!
  • @ellywitmer1584
    How extremely vile, to hurt a child is the worst sin 💔
  • @jamiesuzanne5781
    This is utterly heartbreaking!!!! As a mother, I could NEVER imagine allowing ANY level of harm coming upon my child. This makes me genuinely sick to my stomach!
  • @FAFO1984
    As a 37 yo Man i had to fight off tears the whole time. Death penalty swiftly for anyone who harms children in such a way. Period.
  • @torriaevans2143
    This can only be described as DEMONIC! The parents completely FAILED THIS CHILD, HOWEVER SO DID THE AGENCIES! Why were they NOT REPORTED FOR NOT FOLLOWING UP ON CARE FOR THIS CHILD! This is absolutely heartbreaking!
    The parents need the death penalty!!!!!!
  • @kathylarsen6252
    Tears streaming down my face. Sweet innocent baby. Evil all around us. Being a mom I can’t even fathom how something like this could happen. Our world is literally falling apart, pray to God for justice. Other children in the house watching and smelling their little baby sibling rot to death. RIP little angel.
  • @emmasmith2790
    Never let them see the light of day again. Absolutely appalling. I’m a mom of seven, this beyond tragic and disgusting.
  • @vialogan
    This is so revolting there are no words. What that poor baby went through is indescribable. I hope the other prisoners where these two are going get wind of their evil and mete out the proper punishment, because life in prison is too good for them.