Evolution of The Last of Us [2009-2023]

Published 2023-01-14
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From The Last of Us concept in 2009 all the way to The Last of Us TV series that will be release in 2023, this is the Evolution of The Last of Us!

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Backstory/Development
02:52 The Last of Us
07:06 The Last of Us: American Dreams (Comic Book Series)
07:52 The Last of Us: Left Behind
09:03 The Last of Us Remastered
09:53 The Last of Us: One Night Live
10:55 The Last of Us Part II
18:31 Standalone Unnamed Multiplayer Game
19:19 The Last of Us Part 1 (remake)
20:46 The Last of Us: Escape the Dark (Tabletop Game)
21:35 The Last of Us (TV series)
22:52 Squarespace (sponsorship)

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    Love seeing the growth of this channel, been watching since 10k or less idr, and every video keeps getting better ❤
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    I absolutely love your videos and you have taught me a lot about how car companies got their start and about the challenges they had to overcome, also the different game companies and how they were able to become one of the best. Thank you and keep it up
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    Another masterpiece! Made by this awesome dude!
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    This channel is amazing he deserves more subs
  • Hey guys, don't forget that Naughty Dog were also the creators of Crash Bandicoot, even though they don't make any more games in that series
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    You are the best channel dedicated to making evolution videos like this, I really like your explanation and animation
  • @jakobebroke
    that little snippet at the beginning of TLOU game where Joel's daughter dies brought back so many memories. One of the best storylines I've seen in a game. I gotta try out TLOU 2 some day
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    Man, I love this channel.
  • @johnpameh6748
    I loved both games, and look forward to the HBO series. Also, part 3. Unfortunately, many people had an opposite opinion of part two, but I think that main characters dying is part of this world. Bad people are not always bad, and good are not always good, and seeing both sides was interesting story telling. Great video
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    Thought this channel had like 3 million subscribers. Great work!
  • Thank u soo much Thomas , your just uploading the evolution of my Types , I'm truly grateful to be the subscriber of your channel , keep up the work and u may soon reach 1M Subs 🤞
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    Let me correct you with something, you showed footage of Shadow Of The Colossus when mentioning ICO (The game is a prequel to ICO, but still.) in the beginning of the video. Also the name is pronounced IKO not Aiko. Great video otherwise!
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