Published 2024-07-07
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My Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the most damaged cars ive attempted to rebuild. There was huge structural damage along with mechanical and cosmetic damage & to make things harder the cars fitted with an aftermarket twin turbo kit which was custom built for the car. Im hoping today ive rebuilt it to the stage where i could finally drive it for the first time since the accident, but things didnt go to plan.

👇 Thanks to Nitron for the insane suspension setup 👇

👇 Thanks to Funk Motorsport for the Turbo Blankets 👇

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  • @YouTube
    mat's dad is a legend 🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏼🙌🏻🙌🏾
  • I'm 54 now, when I was 16 I was on a YTS scheme with Ford. We always Copper Slipped the back of the pads or the shims to help with brake squeal. I say your on point with the Copper Slip mate. Good old school mechanicing there.
  • @cprfenom
    I do enjoy Tavarish on your show, he is just so chill and laid back. You both deserve what you have grown.
  • @onedsf
    I'm loving this format which is extremely "instructional" for us who aren't exactly car fanatics but who enjoy learning without being made to feel like total newbs. The icing on top is being able to live vicariously through your experience.
  • Saw you on the F1 grid! Why didn't Martin Brundle interview you? That would have been his best interview of the day!
  • @KRM_Automotive
    Where are my South African people🇿🇦🇿🇦 wola mzansi
  • @MarcelleSoles
    Your dad quickly became the star of the show with his humor and positive energy. He really knows how to light up the room and make everyone laugh. It's no surprise everyone loves him!
  • @EthelJung-j5w
    Your content is refreshingly authentic, keeps me coming back for more!
  • @GameRiot
    Mat might be only person to smash a car and make a profit from it
  • @Just-Two-Bros
    Bro.. I have been waiting all week for Mat to upload!!
  • @KlisrColi
    I love how the many components of the car are explained in a straightforward manner! improves our understanding of internal workings for non-mechanics!
  • @YunielRuane
    1.1 million views in under 24 hours! Matt, you have my utmost admiration. It's getting old for me to watch you for so long. From Dallas, Texas, greetings! I love how things are progressing!
  • @SatanDotExe
    I love the inclusion of mechanical animations/pictures when explaining things. Really cool!
  • @nealart
    I was wondering who’s GSXR it was. Never guessed Tony! Legend!
  • @TIoerSoec
    I adore the simple explanations provided for all of the car's parts! enhances our comprehension of the inner workings of non-mechanics!
    Incredible dedication to restoring this car. The detailed explanation of each part and why it is needed gives a whole new level of appreciation for all the work that goes into fixing up a car after an accident.
  • @RhinoTV
    Been watching for years and never knew Tony owed a motorbike
  • @mrpatton01
    29:52 Tony was just getting ready to hop back onto the gixxer :D , i can hear him thinking, Damned blast! now i have to get this bloody suit back of again..
  • @anonanon5850
    The simplest and most obvious explanation for the AC hose being different is just that they started using more parts shared with the R8. No point having two different production lines for parts if they can consolidate. I mean it's obvious to most people they share many parts anyway. Fun fact: the frunk hinges were from a Skoda (fabia IIRC) that have been chopped to fit and the Skoda logo stamped over. The original Skoda part number is still visible. At least it was on my mates. Can't find the part number for his (2006) but seems the LP560 switched to an Audi A6 hinge. P/N 4B3823301B. 4B3 = Audi A6 C5. 420 = Gallardo platform.
  • @NseviAlocz
    1.1 million views in less than a day! Matt, wow Man, I'm quite proud of you. I've been observing you for so long that it's getting old. Greetings from Dallas, Texas! I adore the way things are going!