Daring Faith: Dare To Believe with Rick Warren

Published 2015-04-07
www.saddleback.com/daringfaith – Will you dare to believe? That may be the most significant question you will ever be asked. This Easter, Pastor Rick Warren looks at what it really means to believe in Jesus. Discover that belief is much more than an acknowledgement of his existence — it’s about a relationship with him that turns on his power and creates change in your life. In this message, you’ll learn five things you can do to firmly trust and believe in Jesus. When you’re plugged into God’s strength and power, you’ll find forgiveness for everything you’ve ever done wrong, the invaluable gift of eternal life, your life’s purpose that will make an impact in the world, the ability to face any challenge that arises, and more.

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  • Shannon D
    This is such a powerful sermon I think any Christian and non Christian should watch. It really sums up the entire gospel and challenges us to be more than a one day a week follower of Jesus. Thank you, Pastor Warren, for sharing this message, and sharing your personal struggles. As a new genuine believer I just want everyone to know this good news.
  • Ken Broadway
    Pastor Rick, I recently discovered your messages on YouTube. I've been listening to them everyday, throughout the day since. Your messages are what I need to hear...and practice. I believe in Jesus. But you wouldn't know it by looking at me most of the time...I want to say thank you and God bless you for your hard work making these messages.
  • Robyn Robyn
    Pastor Rick, I may be late in watching this sermon, but WOW o WOW !!!  You are one righteous dude !!!!!  Love the way you put OUR LORD/ FATHER GOD into perspective for me and others. Much Love from a fellow Californian who moved North 32 years ago and has recently re-given her life to Jesus/ GOD ! Amen
  • KayK.
    You don't find too many real pastors these days. I love his teaching!
  • jennifer sevilla
    inspiring message.thank God for pastor Rick Warren life.I also read your book the purpose driven life.
  • Seeta Ram
    My granson got this book "what on earth am I here for " I downloaded it and I enjoyed it so much, it then led me too these sermons, which I listen too 2/3 times a day, very inspiring, God continously bless you Pastor Rick
  • Betty Howitt
    Thank you, for your messages on You Tube, I begin every day listening to you.
  • Rebecca Fuentes
    This was posted on my birthday...whenever he said that he knows God knows what it's like to lose his son my eyes started tearing up. I really enjoyed this message and hope your grief is continually comforted by the Holy Spirit who comforts. Love from TX.
    Every person and every animal I prayed for, has died - I prayed for life and God answered with death. Yes, I know that death is part of life. Yes, I know that death comes to us all. But I have become fearful of praying for life because, with each death, I become more discouraged, filled with sorrow, and afraid. This message gives me something to think about - The resurrection is my hope!
  • great sermon !! it makes my faith stronger and it feels good to have a stronger faith.May God bless Rick Warren . He is a gift from God .It is sad that not many people listen to him .
  • Josieann Bernard
    Thanks Pastor Rick, God is a Good God and His Love Never Fails, Amen!!!
  • Beyond Amazing
    I need this message thanks Pastor Rick! God Bless you...