Bad Bunny Carpool Karaoke

Published 2023-03-14

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    now every time i listen to "break free i'm going to think of benito 😭
  • Benito stopping mid sentence to sing Ariana’s chorus is my favorite part 😂 SOOO HILARIOUS! Good job interviewing!!
  • Un aplauso para James que intentó cantar todas las canciones en español. Eso significa lo dedicado que es con cada persona que entrevista, porque no es fácil escuchar las canciones en otro idioma (y menos canciones como las de bad bunny que son rapidas) e intentar aprenderlas para esto👏👏
  • Lydia Juarez
    This was awesome....we need a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Bad Bunny. Thank you, James, for taking the time to learn the songs and for making Benito feel comfortable. P.S. I will forever sing Break Free this way. Love this!
  • Jessica Varona
    I have to commend James’ interviewing skills here. He managed to make Benito feel comfortable and show his sense of humor and personality in a language that isn’t his own, which is hard to do when you’re struggling to express yourself the way you normally do. He rly supported him through this .
  • As a puertorican, I deeply appreciate how James made an effort to sing in spanish and how he made Bad Bunny feel comfortable ❤️🇵🇷 Yo soy boricuaaaaaaaaa 🇵🇷🇵🇷
  • I think all of us, spanish speakers, appreciate James' effort to sing in spanish😅
    Benito probably wasn't very comfortable in the beginning due to having to speak outside of his native language but as the video goes on you really start to see him open up more and laugh more, talk more and have fun. Props to James for being so respectful, singing his songs, and hyping him up. ❤
  • Xavier
    ok but benito running late to the grammys bc he wanted to get a work out in is such a mood 😂😂😂😂
  • Can we talk about how amazing this is? It's the first time James sings in Spanish in a carpool karaoke
  • Karim
    My respect to James singing in spanish, sounds great. We all see the way that Bad Bunny was so comfortable. ❤
  • Luis Gonzalez
    Best late show yet if they keep this up I’ll for sure try to go to one of there shows. This was fantastic mío!!
  • I love Bad Bunny now!! He’s so humble, I never knew anything about him but this right here explains everything I need to know.
  • My favorite artist right now. He just churns out hit after hit. Glad to see Latin music really capturing the attention of American audiences
  • The part where he just get to shine on that verse!!! It's so funny and he gave it all he had. 😂 I loved that!! Replaying it too
  • I actually love that Bad Bunny has his hardships speaking English…. It’s just real. Famous people just pretend to be perfect too much. This makes me like him.
  • Maya Kozloski
    I love how James makes everyone feel so comfortable