Published 2021-10-06
#homeschool #routine #motherhood
Here's what a typical morning in my life looks like as a homeschooling mom of four. I've recently chosen to slow down and create a peaceful atmosphere in our home before the rush of the crazy busy afternoons as a large family hits! It has been such a fruitful decision for our family, and I am enjoying every moment of it. I hope this video encourages you to find a moment to rest and enjoy your children, as well. It has been a life giving change after years of rushing around unnecessarily.

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All Comments (21)
  • Kaitlin S
    That soup looked yummy. This is encouraging! It’s really easy to get caught up on the idea that we should be “done by lunch.” I like the balance you’ve created here. Thank you for sharing.
  • The Mumford Mob
    Unhurried grabbed my attention. Definitely my desire for our homeschool and life. Great tips. 🥰
  • Melinda Adcock
    I would enjoy seeing your afternoon routine. This is my first year homeschooling and I enjoy getting ideas from you.
    For some reason, this video brought me so much life. Thank you for taking the time to pick out the music and pay attention to the beautiful details of your day- it was so enjoyable to watch. Love you friend!
  • annaleighadams
    I love slow mornings! They don't happen enough in my home at the moment. This was a good encouragement to get back to that on the days we can!
  • Mallory Wright
    I love this. Thanks for sharing. One of my favorite things about homeschooling is not having to rush out the door in the morning! It's fun to see how others do it in different seasons of life.
  • That was such an inspiration! Thank you for your example. I have 4 kids but my oldest 2 will be in first and kindergarden. We're starting our year at the end of this month. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like when all of my kids are in school. Thank you for the sneak peak 😉 I look forward to hunting down or waiting patiently for an afternoon routine. Thanks for sharing!
  • The Johnson Crew
    I definitely need to not hurry things in our day so much! Thank you for the tips! Such a wonderful video! 💕
  • Danielle Krimes
    Thank you for sharing. Such a calm morning and relaxing music to watch your routine. I love your morning nook area to start your day. Please share your afternoon and evening routine as well.
  • Simply Kaley
    You are always so inspiring. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos for years now!
  • SimplyStacyL
    I’m so excited to try this writing program! My 2nd grader has some muscular development issues that make writing physically difficult for him, therefore he doesn’t enjoy it. I think typing would really help him grow in his writing!
  • Ashley Dassinger
    Such a beautiful morning. Thanks for sharing. We have slow mornings too but later starts. My kids love their sleep haha
  • Gretchen Hill
    I would enjoy seeing your afternoon and evening routines 👍🏼 I enjoyed seeing your current morning routine ❤️
  • Janai Maughan
    I'm trying to do this in my home. It's been tricky because I've had some health issues (hopefully on the mend) and my youngest goes to a neighborhood preschool but you've given me some good ideas.
  • Grace Filled
    Good am friend!! I love this video ....I have also been intentional about starting off the day with music & aromatherapy. I am very on it in the spring & fall. In the fall / winter we slow down and spend more time together talking cuddling and with handcrafts! Thanks for sharing ☺️
  • Bethany Hayes
    I most definitely want to see all the routines!!