Evolution of Sonic the Hedgehog | Part 5: Guns in Sonic??

Published 2022-11-03
In the early 2000s there were some very “interesting” Sonic games and a very surprising collaboration, this is the Evolution of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 5!
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00:00 Intro
00:45 Sega Superstars
02:37 Shadow the Hedgehog
03:56 Sonic Rush
06:03 Sonic Riders
08:40 Sonic Rivals
10:39 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
14:46 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

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All Comments (21)
  • The mid and late 2000s for Sonic games was known as "The Pseudo-Blur Era".
  • Fun Fact:There is a remastered version of Sonic 2006 called project 06 in development that fixed most bugs and glitches and improved mechanics from the old game showing what it could have been.
  • Fun Fact : Creator Of Sonic Yuji Kaka Actually Left SEGA During The Developement Of Sonic 06.
  • @memeboi.2415
    Fun Fact: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games wasn't the first time Sega and Nintendo collaborated on a game. That honor goes to "F-Zero GX" which was made by Amusement Vision (they're now known as Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio who is now known for making the Yakuza games) which is part of Sega, particularly, the Sega CS R&D.
  • @Alex-ng6hc
    I will defend Shadow the Hedgehog to the death. I remember playing the game back in 2005, I was 12 at the time. It was one of my favourite games because of its darker tone and emotional story, and I loved that you could be either a hero or villain. Considering that Shadow is more of an anti hero compared with Sonic, the grittier tone and use of guns makes sense for the game
  • @Dave_Art_R
    Fun Fact:
    17:58 is the most replayed section of the video. Apparently, Sonic and Mario fans are equally "curious" to see Peach wearing a swimming suit.
  • @fakebeluga002
    The 2000s era of Sonic is that something rough and bad, at least some Sonic games are just good though. Well, thanks Flatlife for the part 5, waiting for the part 6. Keep it up!
  • @rexaclyde2235
    despite already knowing most of sonics history this series is such a joy to follow :D staying excited for the release of every episode
  • @ming1408
    Next Thursday is the day Sonic Frontiers releases during the time you uploaded a new Sonic video, so I hope you'll mention it on Part 6!
    Oh wait, it comes out on "Tuesday" Nov 8, not Thursday.
  • @TheHero95
    Fun Fact: Sonic 2006 was planned to release on Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at Late 2006, however, due to development due to complete at Holiday 2006, the developers has split into two games, the first group is to finish Sonic 06 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 while the second group has to work Sonic and the Secret Rings for Wii.
  • @willmatic84
    Sonic 1 2 3 S&K is and will always be my favorites and original games 😌👌🏽 love the content
  • @LevoEditzs
    Fun Fact: Sonic Rush was the first ever Sonic game with the famous boost
  • @gustyko8668
    I love this videos, I hope that you could make a video of the evolution of other franchises like Crash Bandicoot or Digimon someday.
  • If the 2000's can be described as the awkward teenage years, then the 2010's can be described as the adult years of the franchise. Considering that most of the fans are now grown up.