WHITE NOISE Trailer (2022) Adam Driver

Published 2022-11-22

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  • MondeoFive
    "Doesn't anyone want to pay attention to what's actually happening"

    How prophetic ...
  • La Cannelle
    Finally, after all this time, Adam Driver plays a driver.
  • RaptureReady
    No coincidence they put this to literal action.
  • B Bloggins
    This is why I love Adam Driver as an actor and a professional. He redefines himself in every movie and performance he does. You practically don't recognize him. This keeps him so fresh and wonderful. This looks right in his wheelhouse. He looks like he's probably having the time of his life. It's like he's doing his weekend Saturday shopping during a world ending apocalypse, as if nothing has changed. Where are the oranges? I love this!
  • Ruby Orchid14
    I’m so excited for this film. It’s amazing to see Adam transform into a character physically. He’s already a very cerebral actor who loves getting into the head of his character, but to embody said character in a more extreme sense like Jack is so cool. I know he had fun with this role. You can tell he was still in the headspace of Jack during House of Gucci’s premier happening during and after filming this. It was amazing. I haven’t personally read the book, but with what I’ve heard from friends, this should follow fairly true to it. Can’t wait to see this.
  • How can something so depressing look so feel-good? Maybe it's because it's the 80s? Whatever. I'll take it! ❤
  • Sra Fpo
    And now I can finally see that Adam Driver could play a PERFECT Inspector Gadget!
  • Hoof Hearted
    You had me at "Adam Driver". Everything from there onwards is just an absolute bonus.
    The thought of all those kids stressed me out even before there was a disaster to contend with but Drivers expression in almost every shot was classic. 😄
  • Aroused Yoda
    I remember reading the novel in college back in 2005. Then I heard it was going to be made into a movie, but it turned out to be a completely unrelated horror flick starring Michael Keaton. Glad to see they finally made it for real, and that they stuck to the 80s setting. Hopefully it'll be good, but from what I've seen in this trailer, I'm already excited.
  • Nick Maclachlan
    I love how Adam Driver hasn't let the Star Wars franchise define him.
  • peeknee
    this looks like it's going to be a fun movie. i love Adam Driver, he's so good in comedic roles. dramatic roles too, but he's good at playing interesting characters.
  • Sinéad Walsh
    It’s like national lampoons, but with an Armageddon vibe to it
    See, now that is a good trailer. That is how you make a movie trailer. You get the set up and basic premise, then a whole bunch of WTF scenes that make you want to know the rest of the context while giving very little if anything, away. I do movie trailer reviews now. I give this one a solid 😃😃😃
  • KramerTheSawyer
    I love this so much. It's like a modern day Vacation movie. Except, you know... The end of the world
  • Graham Deitner
    This movie is the reason why I'm very careful around railroad crossings. Even if the crossing has flashing lights and gates, I always assume that they won't be working and I act accordingly.
  • Dave Langley
    Love the book. This looks even better than I expected. Nice to see Mr. Baumbach challenge himself and elevate his scope!
  • EAZY 716
    Love how the government nonchalantly just shows us what they are gonna do to us
  • goodrealm
    Adam Driver has gotta be one of most underrated present day actors. He's been in a diverse range of movies and none I've not enjoyed watching so far. He can do serous roles like Silence and wacky ones like The Dead Don't Die. Looks like White Noise will be no exception.
  • Laurie Gough
    White Noise was one of my favorite books in the 90s. It was a classic.
  • Bree Wills Nails
    Adam looks completely different..wow..and what r the odds of this movie actually coming to life ... unbelievable 😭