Xi and Putin Toast Russia-China Partnership During Xi's Russia Visit | VOA News

Published 2023-03-21
Russia and China toasted to their “no limit friendship” on Tuesday during a Kremlin meeting filled with pledges of expanding ties amid the fighting in Ukraine.

After hosting Chinese leader Xi Jinping for a private dinner for 4 1/2 hours the previous night, Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted him for official talks involving top officials from both countries in the old imperial palace.

During an extended meeting, Putin said he and Xi had a "meaningful and sincere exchange on perspectives of further development of Russia-China ties and on strengthening cooperation on the world stage."

Xi's three-day visit to Russia offers a strong political boost to Putin just days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the Russian leader on charges of involvement in abductions of thousands of children from Ukraine.

The Russian and Chinese leaders signed a new strategic partnership between their countries and called for a diplomatic solution to Moscow’s war against Ukraine, but Putin said he sees no indication that the Kyiv government and its Western allies are ready for peace talks.

After two days of talks with Xi at the Kremlin, Putin accused the United States and Western countries of fighting “to the last Ukrainian” but praised what he said was China’s “neutral position” on the war.

China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Beijing and Moscow believe that the United Nations Charter “must be observed and international law must be respected,” but made no demand that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine or honor Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

China recently proposed a 12-point plan calling for a de-escalation and eventual cease-fire in Ukraine, which the West has rejected because it would lock in place Russian territorial gains, including its illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 and more land seized by Russia in eastern Ukraine during its 13-month invasion.


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All Comments (21)
  • UZEF
    Huge massive big steps in these hard times
  • A Traveler
    I remember last year when western media was saying that China wouldn't be friends with Russia if the war continues 😅
  • Rex Luther
    Dialogue works. Great to see China & Russia getting alone. 💯👍
  • Alex Peres
    China going for Taiwan while Russia does what it’s doing. This gonna get crazy
  • markmd9
    Putin so vulnerable,
    Personally escorted Xi to his car and several times waved him good bye like he might not see him again.
  • TheScout
    I'm just glad Japan will be on our side this time
  • ali ali
    on both side people are loosing lives and nobody can repay this. Every human being is very important
  • Anthony Logan
    I love how it looks like some meeting in a back alley
  • Dawn2022
    China and Russia have been friends for years. I've been saying they have each other's back (figuratively) since the Bird Flu in the last 90s. was a new thing. (Thank you for that one as well, China) Russia came to defend China back then, (empty threats, but still).

    So this should come as no surprise.
  • New Kings
    Everything is silent
    It's the calm before the storm
    Through the fire, and the pressure,
    The brightest star is born
    No one's ever seen the light,
    That shines as bright as this
    Like the cosmos might explode
    Everything cease to exist
    Your world is shakin'
    It ain't the trees
    All this power
    All this power
    It's gonna bring you
    Down to your knees

    Fire in the sky
    Fear in your eyes
    All this power🌎🥁🌎🥁🌎🥁
    All this power🥁🌎🥁🌎🥁🌎

    Your world is shakin'
    It ain't the trees
    All this power
    All this power
    It's gonna bring you
    Down to your knees🔥🌎🔥🔥🌎🔥
  • Mike Ehrcke
    Damn dude was quick to the car meanwhile Putin is looking like he’s waiting for an answer to something🤔
  • Ocean REM
    I don't think people realize the significance of various geopolitical developments lately. The Iran-Saudi diplomatic rapprochement, the renew Sino-Russian pack, the potential signing of Mercosur and China trade agreement, the first Gulf States (i.e., Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar...etc.)-China-Iran summit, the potential signing of Gulf States and China Free Trade Agreement....The earth is shifting beneath our feet and we are stuck with an "ideological driven" geopolitical strategy. White House should listen to people like Professor John Mearsheimer (University of Chicago) and Professor Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University) instead of morons like Blinken and Sullivan.
  • celestialvvs
    When 2 people with warped perceptions of the state of their realities are toasting each other I don’t think it’s a good thing 😅
  • cashed - out
    Because of Mr. Xi inability to annex TW, he is our best bet to stay out of trouble.
  • Ben Elevate
    Maybe this is a flex in response to the arrest threat. No cowering.
  • Land Rover 3
    Xi- right ball
    Putin- left ball
    Brandon- 🌭 in the middle.