Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi | Germany 2006 | FIFA World Cup

Published 2020-10-31
The most shocking moment in FIFA World Cup history? When France and Italy were locked in a stalemate deep in extra-time in the 2006 Final, Zinedine Zidane stunned the watching world with a headbutt on Marco Materazzi.

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All Comments (21)
  • That was an unforgettable night. I remember Zidane's headbutt photo came bigger than the italy trophy photo in the newspaper.
  • @jadidlar4765
    How Zidane will be remembered: Helping France win the 1998 world cup. His career in Juventus and Real Madrid. Reaching the final on 2006 World Cup. The headbutt. And his career as manager of Real Madrid. How Materazzi will be remembered: "Oh that's the guy who got headbutted by Zidane."
  • @kluge1245
    I remember this. Everyone said at the time "He has damaged his legacy permanently." But I think this has contributed to his legendary status. There are statues of that moment.
  • @dinonichas
    He should of headbutted the referee when he showed him Red card and then headbutt the trophy on the way out 😂😂
  • @basim9459
    Is it just me or Is this video being presented like a Nat Geo wildlife clip or smn? 8k likes tf-
  • @marcos.2373
    I'm Italian but I have to admit Zidane is one of the greatest ever, this headbutt will remain in the history of world's culture
  • @-AytaL-
    It is said that Marco Materazzi never went to France alone after this worldcup.
  • @TBLiov
    He lived his football days as legend, and he left as one.
  • @prinzonic9896
    Despite the Red Card given, it still didn't impede his legendary career. He's today regarded as one of the world greatest football icons.
  • He could have won that WC but he chose to be a legend who defend his family's honor.
  • @smartipants123
    I remember watching this live as a child. I still find this the most memorable moment in football for me.
  • @barned
    Zidane is still the best player I have ever seen, the headbutt just made him even more immortal.
  • @Vasto--Lord
    Imagine Zidane tryna headbutt Suarez but Saurez just bites him in the head instead
  • @aisha5587
    Say what you want, but Zinedine Zidane is the best midfielder in his generation. Forever!
  • @IslandGraff
    as brazil suppoerter at that time, zizou was undoubtly the best in that error, classical player for france and also madrid..this headbutt was disappointing for us who wished to see him win with france, but it was nothing, a football legend indeed!
  • And he just became an even bigger footballing figure after this!