Ukrainian soldier uses Russian tank against Russian forces

Published 2022-05-11
Ukraine's army of volunteers includes a software engineer with a tank nicknamed "Bunny." CNN's Sam Kiley speaks to some of the volunteer soldiers about life on the front line. #CNN #News

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  • Roy Bean
    The Ukrainians effort and spirit is how most of us would romantically envision ourselves being in the same situation. It is not as easy as wanting to be brave when you are in a life/death situation though, your character will decide your actions. The Ukrainians have it all in spades. Much respect. Victory to Ukraine and the free world.
  • Cyprus
    The man goes from being a sniper to tank commander / owner in one fell swoop... What a legend, Slava Ukraini!
  • Marlon Rapsing
    "this is like my personal tank and I'm the tank commander and tank owner" wow I'm proud of you soldier 🇺🇦
  • Roseburn
    Amidst all this destruction and sadness these Ukrainians are such an inspiration. They bring meaning to patriotism and sacrifice. I hope the world is paying attention and offers them continued help with their struggle to be free from tyranny.
  • Girish
    One thing we all should applaud the bravery of common people of Ukraine really commendable.Freedom does not come eaily we should fight for it. God bless common people of Ukraine.
  • Hepsy
    Great job. Praying for Ukraine and the suffering people and the brave warriors.
  • FastSloth
    “This is like my personal tank. I am tank commander and tank owner” -Bad ass Ukrainian IT developer. I really hope he gets to keep it after this whole thing is over.
  • Anne Macleod
    I cannot envisage my 20y old daughter having the guts and resolve to do what Anna is doing as a soldier for her country.
    It is their collective spirit and resilience which we non-Ukrainians cannot quite grasp as we watch from the comfort of our own countries…I speak as a New Zealander.
    Bravo Commander ‘Bunny’ for taking command…🐑🐑🇳🇿🇳🇿✌️
  • Paul Dionne
    The honor that the Ukrainian show is phenomenal and must not be ignored. God bless you and what you fight for.
  • Praying for a swift end to this horrible war. May these brave patriots be protected!
  • motconheocon
    "There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.“ — James Doolittle
  • janene f
    These brave people are amazing. I pray for your safety and victory for Ukraine and its brave people.
  • Gi
    Ive said it before ill say it again. Ukrainains are the most inspirational people in the 21st Century. Absolutely insane courage just absolutely normal people taking up arms to defend there homeland Respect ❤️
  • Zyzz's Disciples
    "I'm afraid of being not useful for my country, for my people" If people fought with this level of tenacity, ambition and valor for humanity as a whole we would be conquering the galaxy by now
  • OlTrailDog
    "This is a fight thrust upon the Ukrainians." Exactly and that is why we lend our support and prayers for the Ukrainians.
  • Slide Drexler
    2:59 No One can defeat these amazing Patriots. Godspeed, Ukraine.🇺🇦
  • Kerlows C
    Are you afraid of what the Russian soldiers could do to you ?
    “Thats not of what im afraid of,
    im afraid of not being useful to my country.”
    These people are nothing short of amazing.
  • Peter
    Amazing, felt really inspired and proud but now that I'm a dad of a little girl it makes me sad to see how that young woman's life has been taken away in a sense and what she now has to concern herself with / think about. I hope it's a very short war
  • Dieu Temple
    The brave and unselfish Ukrainian. You have my heart ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸