2022 Game Preview Awards: 70+ awards! Every team repped!

Published 2023-01-30

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  • Really appreciate what the NFL did on YouTube this year. Game Highlights were online minutes after a game and "special" videos like these were more common with an overall better quality when it comes to scripting etc.
  • DarthMagus
    Jaxson de ville is one of the all-time great sports mascots
  • Jason Pacific
    Voice host Matt Money Smith is unquestionably the best narrator ever. Smart dry humor.. sport references that you almost have to look up... and a bit chippy as he likes to surf and knows how to get intense in the lineup 🌊
  • Larry 19
    Imagine having an award for blowing a 33 pt lead 😂😂
  • johnny5red42
    "Wilson was only DangeRus to the Broncos offense" had me crying 😂😂
  • Flöckchen
    Humor to an extend i wasnt expecting from the nfl itself xD very nice game preview guy 👍
  • Finesse
    The fact that Pete Carroll wins Coach of the Year here yet he isn't even a finalist for NFL Honors is mind boggling
  • Ethan Vess
    Demarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons was a deadly pass rush duo
  • Keenan
    So the fact that the NFL media team also acknowledges the horrendous roughing the passing calls really says something
  • Loromc
    I was worried that they forgot the Steelers but that mvp for t.j. Is so deserved I’m surprised he didn’t even get one vote for it
  • Slay and Bradberry had the lowest pass percentage against them. How is that not the best corner duo?
  • Sportzguy
    The players who got bad awards watching this

  • Julie Wick
    Anything related to Damar Hamlin just freakin gets me every time! ♥️3️⃣
  • Rémy
    Im surprised Hutchinson wasn’t mentioned except if I missed it
  • Big Waylon
    Aiden a DE from Lions was defensive rookie of the year in my opinion
  • Majin Sole
    I love how he figured out a way to say things without actually saying things 😈

  • Camryn Russell
    These will be the only awards I recognize this year
  • Zephaniah Lira
    Yk as a ravens fan I came here just to see tuck win best kicker, im fine if we don’t get any other awards 😂 he’s literally our offense when Lamar ain’t playing