Ukraine War: Russia says it controls Lysychansk

Published 2022-07-03
Russia says it has taken the whole of the eastern region of Luhansk in Ukraine.

But Ukraine has denied its forces have been driven from the city of Lysychansk.

Victory would mean Russia was a step closer to taking the whole Donbas region.

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All Comments (21)
  • Jeremy Hamrick
    Even the British media cannot lie anymore: the Russian army, unequipped, demoralized, continues its shameful retreat toward Kiev. The strong, determined Ukrainian forces keep pushing Russians, and soon will reach Poland!
  • Louis Chaha
    Breaking: Russian troops seized another city with bare hands, as they ran out of weapons 3 months ago according to British media
  • Erwin Valken
    The last I heard the analyst said thay lyschansk is located atop an elevated position thus the russian wouldnt be able to crack it for weeks even months. It is quite baffling and honestly terrifying to see it fell in a few days after severodonetsk. It makes me curious of the true state of this conflict and ukraine's real military situation.
  • James Mcstein
    Omg did she really just say 'this is a favoured Russian tactic of pounding them fiercely from afar then moving in closer & closer.' 😂 No that is tactic used by every Nations army that has artillery & air available to them. For over the past 100 plus years. Some of this reporting is shocking.
  • Lulezim Aliaj
    Well done Ukrainian army, always capable of making "strategically important decisions" to withdraw.
  • So in summary, nothing has changed. The Russians are still retreating “forwards” with their tails between their legs as the Ukrainians bravely advance “backwards”.
  • okey john
    Western media still can't say, Russia is winning.. Lol
  • michael faraday
    The capture of this city is historic. So-called Western experts claimed it would take Russia more months before they could capture the city because it's well fortified and on the hill. I think Zelensky still can't comprehend how the Russians were able to cross the river which was their main problem. To take a major city under 24hrs is record breaking and hasn't been done anywhere before. It seems it was possible because there were no steel bunkers where Ukranians could hide under and claim to be resisting or control . Bunkers seem to be the center of Ukranian resistance. This became an open battle and the Russians showed why they're superior army.
  • Toto
    Azovstal was an evacuation and now it is a strategic move. Remind me of German news of 1943. Great coverage by the UK media
  • I taught they said Russia was losing??🤣🤣. They even said that Russia was running out of ammunition, weapons, soldiers, they even say moral is low among the Russian forces yet Russia is still advancing?? How 🤷??
    I admire how the Ukrainian army always do "strategically important decisions" all the time. The most strategically important army today. Well done.
  • Namarik Marak
    Western media: The Russian military had lost war in Donbass by liberating more territories in Donbass.
  • Chinthaka Ruwan
    In Ukraine, national defense soldiers don't go to frontlines. The frontlines come to them
  • manuel montoya
    The rate of advance is increasing
    Compare siege of Mariupol to severdonesk to Lisyshank, seems that the Ukraine lost its best troops already
  • Noman Shahriar
    "A day without losing territory is a day wasted " - Comedy king zelensky
  • They lie to us
    Day by day, the Ukranian great army victoriously marches upon Kiev!
  • duncan smith
    The last time I saw such a stunningly successful retreat as this was NATO getting out of Kabul with such dignity, precision and good order when the goat herders of the Taliban strolled into town.
  • Robert Maybeth
    The biggest problem Ukraine has is just re-supplying their troops;
    Russia has little difficulty sending trainloads of war goods right up to
    the Ukrainian frontier. Moreover Russia can resupply troops from the Black
    Sea and Sea of Azov, or even by cargo aircraft while Ukraine cannot. Worst of all, Ukraine has to transport east everything, on the ground, while their supply routes and lines
    of communication are vulnerable to Russian firepower the entire way... This war will be won or lost by the logistics.
  • Senarath Gamage
    The only direction Ukraine will advance in is to Poland...
  • dimitri boodoo
    I'm just glad that sky news has shown how happy citizens are glad to be liberated by russia. It just proves that Ukraine was indeed terrorizing these people for the last 8 years.