Wind turbines should be placed 'in teal independents' backyards' not on the coast

Published 2022-08-12
Sky News host Jenna Clarke says the wind turbines which are planned to be built off the Australian coast should be placed in more metropolitan areas, such as inner eastern Sydney or Melbourne city.

“Why not whack a couple of wind turbines in there to see how those teal independents feel about their backyard being interrupted by all this new technology,” she told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

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  • chairman dan
    Great idea, place them in Labor Lite electorates (so called independents). Steggles chicken - love em!
  • Hot Chihuahua
    Salt and electronics don’t do well together . Put weather , water and high winds in the mix and you have a high maintenance low yield , high cost and unreliable form of low output energy . You can’t get much more negative that this with wind turbines !
  • Kabuki Jo
    Those screaming for more wind turbines do not want them in their own backyards. They want them in YOUR backyard!
  • J Willis
    To date, there has never been a commercial grade windmill produced, that has generated more power than was consumed to create the windmill, windmills breakdown and ruin the environment when they must be dismantled and discarded.
  • Keith Bartlett
    Wind turbines should be banned unless 100% made in Australia
  • Gary Jessup
    Imagine what the Kooyong Drs hair would look like in the wind all day. Like an unbrushed Yak.
  • Leanne Verrier
    Gosh, you are still there after you stepped out on Ukraine?

    Well done!
  • jenni0278
    Agreed everyone that pushes for this nonsense should have to live with it up close and personally
  • Thilli
    Shouldn’t they go where it’s more consistently windy?
  • Allah Akbar
    Place one in front of Bernardi. He can power Geelong.
  • barrie Williams
    Not very well known, but the 50' blades, of which there are usually 3 are not recyclable owing to being manufactured using a combination of plastics and fibreglass. So after their 20-year life span, they are chopped up and finish up in landfills..... How green's that?
  • Seven Dogs
    I can’t wait for ‘the man’ to put windmills in Malibu and Santa Barbara.
  • Sarah J
    Im all for flooding every electorate in the country with these things, where the representative MP has voted for them. You would very quickly find most parliamentarians would suddenly lose their stomach for the ideology.
  • Always Right
    Actually they should strap the teals to the blades and we get to throw rotten tomatoes at them....
  • tassied12
    What's the problem? These turbines will be far enough offshore that they will hardly be an intrusion
  • Timur M
    Как в Австралии влияет алкоголь на домашние носилие. И что делать если алкоголь становится смыслом жизни как бы ухадя от повседневной жизни и суеты.
  • Vivian Louder
    All The Sacrifices You're Going To Make To Save The Planet
  • Dawid B
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  • Bob Smith
    I agree . Hey Zali when will Manly have these hideous things ?