Published 2023-09-17
Today we're at Gordon Ramsay's Street Kitchen, where for £17 you can eat as much pizza as you like for two hours...what's more, they keep score of the record number of slices eaten by a single customer in one sitting, and if you can best it, you get your name atop the leaderboard and some free swag!

Originally, I was under the impression that the record was 18 slices (because that's what it says on the restaurant's website) but upon catching a glimpse of the leaderboard...I soon discovered that the record was actually a much more formidable 38 slices...

I've got a crew with me for today's video, which I know some people don't particularly like, since everything feels a little different, but it's a nice change of pace and more than anything a necessity when filming an episode where the staff members are serving food from start to finish....either way, I hope you enjoy it :)

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  • Evening all! Thanks for joining me for another episode. I’m indebted to you all for coming back so often to watch the videos; it really means a lot…

    I filmed tonight’s with a crew, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always a nice change of pace, especially when the staff are serving up food from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it, but either way feel free to let me know down in the old comments section.

    I hope I’ll see you this time next week when we’ll be trekking through New England in search of gluttonous glory…and free t-shirts.

    ‘Til then, stay insatiable, lots of love, your old mate BMF ❤️

    *Also, for the record, this video is not sponsored. I don’t do sponsored/commissioned content of any kind, just for clarity. For some reason whenever I shoot with a crew, I notice a few comments suggesting I’ve taken a bung or something…I haven’t…I don’t…wrong channel 😆
  • @deepwinter77
    Eating that much pizza is impressive, but what's truly amazing is how he keeps the beard so damn clean.
    That's a truly remarkable talent
  • I feel like the limiting factor to this would be how hot the pizza must be. Like if he's only allowed to order once he's finished that means each pizza is going to be coming right out of the oven.
  • @Vaeltis
    I honestly think that the sandwich method to eat 2 at once was a really good move to help push through as much as you can, instead of taking it slice by slice.
  • That pizza looks incredible. Guaranteed the greens are basil tomato and basil go really well together
  • Great Job Again As Usual Adam, smashing it mate! Already so successful and can't wait to see how far you go on YouTube, massive congrats to you mate. Much love :)
  • @UrSammich
    You literally blew he previous record and set up a new challenge. That's props. I thought 18 slices seemed like nothing. I can sometimes average a whole pie and not feel full.
  • @HuntsDown
    Imagine Gordan walks in and sees you dipping a slice of pizza into a sticky toffee milkshake 😂
  • @RecbBsim
    In order for me to share a pizza with Beard, I literally made pizza rolls, halted the camera, waited until they were finished, and then restarted.
  • @markheithaus
    The classic margherita pizzas looked so good.

    As for fish or pineapple on pizza, I'm not opposed to them in terms of flavor (you like what you like), but I prefer the classics.
  • @cambriia
    Hawaiian Pizza is one of my all time favorites!! I’m definitely on the pro pineapple side 🍍
  • I used to watch this channel all the time around 6 years ago. You probably had around 35k subs Shocked as hell and happy to see how popular this channel has become.
  • @pimponator15
    That was rough man so close to 50 😱 I could see the struggle that's what pure determination looks like 😂
  • @1Jetsurf
    Love how the staff is working with him, knowing he can dominate the record. "Start up the reactor bois!" Lmao, love it.
  • @MGG87
    First off, holy cow, I can't even finish one pizza in one sitting anymore. That was amazing. Second, yes, Hawaiian pizza is my favorite. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty.
  • @riptos0074
    I'd go and take that challenge just so I could have 2, maybe 3 If I was really hungry, pizzas for £17. That's amazing value for what it is.

    Not like the pizzas looked bad either, The spicy pepperoni one in particular would be my jam <3
  • @leroybrown8877
    This man is a pleasure to watch. Highly entertaining and enjoyable.
  • @lisapmac2000
    Brilliant effort, well done 👏 .
    My favourite pizza is Ham, Pineapple and Mushroom. I have weird tastes like dipping plain/cheesy Crisps in yoghurt ( strawberry/raspberry) but I draw the line at dipping pizza in a shake 😂
  • @VirginiaWolf88
    I'm so impressed. Nice Job. You didn't gross me out in the way that you ate. The pizza looked tasty. That pepperoni pie looked awesome.
  • @racapinang
    Just discovering your channel via this recommendation, and I can say, you are truly fun to watch! And a lot of past videos, too!
    Man, this is gonna be amazing!