Priscilla Shirer: How God Prepares You Through Divine Disruption (Full Teaching) ​| Praise on TBN

Published 2021-12-06
Priscilla Shirer sits down with Dr. Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Jonathan Evans, and Anthony Evans on TBN's Praise. Listen in as Priscilla Shirer and her family share testimonies of God's divine disruption in the midst of family loss and grief.

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All Comments (21)
  • Breeny Lee
    To be hurting but to be anchored still ❤️ I love this family soooo much, they’ll never understand how encouraging what they’ve been through is for the body of Christ worldwide x
  • madam praises
    "Your greatest ministry will come after your greatest misery" Amen 😭🙌
  • Miss Nima
    I’m in a mess of tears. My husband of (one month shy of) 35 years, and exactly 3 months before retirement and our many plans for the future passed very recently from the attack on his body from the coronavirus. Devastating because I survived when he didn’t. A multitude of prayers over him and for him with total belief that he would come home, yet he never did. My 5 kids and I are left with so many questions. No closure with him behind the sealed glass enclosure. The heartache is immense. Yet, God in His immeasurable love has been speaking to me through this family and their ministry. I’m beyond grateful for this message and the wisdom of your heartache and grief that is able to witness to mine. To say “thank you” is an understatement. My prayers are with you as you continue navigating through life.
  • Why do you think the enemy’s trying to stop you? He doesn’t bother people that are not a threat. He wouldn’t waste his time on you if he didn’t know you were a world changer, a history maker, that you have seeds of greatness. He knows God is about to open doors bigger than you’ve ever dreamed. You’re about to step into new levels of your destiny.
  • Victoria Akinyemi
    The Evans family as a whole has been a blessing to me. This discussion nearly brought me to tears. I could see what Daddy Evans said God was doing with and through me when I looked at my phase. I am grateful that this has been made public. I'd like to read the book; where can I find it?
  • Uche Ogobegwu
    I recently lost my Mom to Covid (Saturday Oct 23 2021) my family and I kept praying, believing God and confessing His word over her, and she still died. Tho most traumatic experience of my life. But this video has brought so much comfort to me. God answered all our prayers on a higher level.
  • Roshunda Hartison
    Whewww this is so good and such a necessary conversation. This is what generational spiritual wealth looks like. I’m so grateful for this message. Lord please continue to cover this family and their ministry.
  • Jenise Williams
    Thank you for sharing your testimony. This was an inspiration and encouragement for all to hear. As long as you have God take the wheel, you will be in great hands. Its hard to trust the process..especially when you can't see the next chapter ahead. When you let go and let God, it's where the story begins!! 🙏🏾😊
  • Harriet Oboge
    To have your whole family acknowledge God and pursue Him is so special. God bless the Evans' family.
  • Betty Williams
    “It starts with your view of God”.
    So good 🙏
  • John Martin
    Love this so much. Thank you to Dr Evans and his awesome kids! Amen
  • Ty morris
    I just wanted to say this blessed me so much I just lost my husband of 15 years Nov 4th 2021 and it has been hard for me and my kids. Everything they said they felt in those moments were the same way im feeling but just didn't know how to put into words. I'm glad I took the time to listen bc I feel a little more encouraged than I have been during this process. I feel numb and stuck with my mind replaying everything I seen and all the ups and downs but with God before me im going to make it through this and come out better than ever and make my husband proud of the woman I will become
  • Can you imagine how proud God must be of His beautiful children, who went through so much, blessing others now and sharing their wisdom?
  • April Rogers
    Oh my God! The Evans’ family is one of the most amazing families ever. All I can say is, listening to their story has brought so much encouragement to my soul! My family history, like so many others, is peppered with pain and dysfunction. But listening to the love that they have for one another still inspires joy and hope in my heart. Blessings to you always, Dr Tony Evans and family!
  • What a beautiful, faith filled family. You are blessed because you bless others! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💖
  • Lilian
    Respect to this family I had a dream one time walking with Dr Evans and he gave me a scripture in Isiah when I woke up I didn't even know whether it existed and woow when I looked it up it was so relevant to my calling 🙌🏼🙏🏽 .
  • Brian
    So good! Never give up in the midst of adversity! None of us like adversity, although our character is built and matured in the midst of the things we go through. Our trials are often blessings in disguise, if you are willing to stick it out and not throw in the towel. You are closer to an unexpected success than you realize.
  • Thank you for pouring out your anointing in my spirit. I lost my husband in the line of duty and some days are extremely challenging.
  • Brenda Edouard
    Thank you so much for your transparency. This family is the epitome of having a divine and faithful relationship with the Almighty. I love each one of you for how different you are but how much you all have in common. I see God’s gracious hand ALL OVER THIS FAMILY. I enjoy listening to encouraging talk. Continue to be a blessing to us all. God bless. 🙏🏾♥️⚓️👣✝️💯🙏🏾
  • Q
    Thank you all I needed this. 🙏
    Priscilla, my God sent you to me this week!!! My Spirit was stirring greatly within me. I purged til I heard. I can't thank you enough for helping me in this valley experience. You all are a beautiful people and thank you for feeling my hurt. The vibration is just that strong. I love you ❤