Simon Stops Sian and Asks Her a Second Song, Watch What Happens Next! | Audition 3 | BGT2017

Published 2017-04-29
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Sian Pattison was stopped by Simon and asked for a second song, then she blows the judges away
Sian Pattison Britain's Got Talent 2017
Full Audition With Judges Comment

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All Comments (21)
  • John Z
    Every time I hear Sian sing this song I, like most of you, go to a different dimension, she has that quality to her voice, her talent and her delivery and at 4:08 her voice is sooo pure I burst into tears. Wow, just Wow! I'll never tire of hearing her sing this song.
  • Tony Walls
    That's the perfect example of the power of love. The daughter wanted to share her mom with the world, warms the soul. Great job Mom!!
  • T Nator
    She's genuine, and that brought tears to my eyes.
    Her daughter launched her, and Simon saved her.
  • Liza Finn
    Watching her daughter made me cry, we all want our children to be proud of us. Gorgeous voice.
  • Phillip Mustey
    What a beautiful pure voice. A stunning version of the song. Sian seems such a lovely person. The look of love and admiration from her daughter is priceless.
  • Patrice
    Brought me to tears, every time I've watched it. Truly a stunning and beautiful voice from a shy vessel. Luck and love in the future for you and your family, Sian!
  • Helen Maraki
    She was amazing. I actually got Goosebumps and tears. Thank you so much Simon, for encouraging the gift that she truly is!
  • Patricia DeWeese
    What a beautiful, yet gut wrenching song.. Sung with such heart and soul. Beautiful job!!
  • Joe Hanks
    There’s only one thing so much more beautiful than her voice: her soul. It just radiates so powerfully 👏
  • Simon was spot on with stopping her and asking her to sing a song that matched her pitch and range!! She nailed it!!
  • Out of all artists performing this song, she is the only one that genuinely puts her heart into it
  • exdus235
    Holding her own like a stage professional and singing a sad song with 'real' sorrow in her voice. Talent all around. 👍👍
  • 4stripguy
    Seriously, her daughter is so mature and is such a support pillar for the mom. Normally, it's the parents who push the kids in life so they can achieve goals and move forward - but here, it's the daughter that pushes the parent! Mom is very lucky to have a daughter like that and we have found out the mom is also very talented - Thanks to the daughter. Good Luck in life to both!
  • Bruce Everett
    love how she puts her heart into her song .. and love watching her daughter who is so proud of her mum ..smiling at her with such a happy face..
  • wordreet
    What a voice!!!!!!!! 😲
    Simon immediately recognised something there, and did exactly the right thing!
  • John Sedarat
    Wow! She just takes you along with her on that journey as if it’s YOU!!! So touching. So heartfelt. Pure pleasure!
  • Bonnie Thibeault
    The true song and singing were wonderful.her daughter is such a special daughter which is started and achieved by her mom and family members.. what she is taught comes out with what the daughter can do for her mom. Really a great example of love and happy family life ❤
  • Dan Russell
    Her daughter’s face was precious, feels for her mom who can sing
  • Carol Smart
    Absolutely beautiful young mom,singing like an angel. Simon is an absolute genius!!!