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Published 2019-12-07
Produced by @_trvpyyy_ [instagram]

🔥 Instrumental:    • Lil Baby Type Beat "Mind Games" (Prod...   🔥


When i count my blessings double digits i see no limits
Hear no critic though i know they're out there; Lonely Cynic
First they love you then they pivot they get acidic
Bitterness admit it; Opinion extra salt with it

Cry me a river of Pity then drown in it
Self motivated; they dont want me to have it I go out and get it
Moving away from your bad energy my momentum is starting to feel kinetic
Lies live on the tip of your tongue; Lie in a Coffin the moment you said it

This is Poetic and Epic. Deeply embedded they will not forget it
It is apparent; i am your parent, that makes you my son its getting deeper than Genetics
That money's talking its fluent - phonetic, way i ran it up it was truly Athletic
You're gonna need you Two EMTs To come pick you up; that's a Pair-of-Medics

Smoke in the Air. Is my aesthetic. They call you a GOAT? But you only got Petted
You will get Vetted then put in your Place; at Lease...i can call you my Tenant
My gardens Lush but that doesn't mean that I'm willing to spare any Lettuce
I'll get a head of you, Literally; the road to Decapitation is where you Be-Headed

[Hook Repeat]

Hope you enjoyed

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