Clxs × R.L ST×NE || Prod × 96 Scream || 2021

Published 2022-06-03

Unexpected - My ascension's a Surprise
Cannot keep up with me - Cannot even keep up with their lies
Definition of Deception - Literally SYMBOL-LIES
It get SCARY - you the TYPE to BOOK it - R.L Stine!
Blood stains - Obituaries left red/read
When I'm dead: Walt Disney - Cold body I stay aHEAD

Get bread Her legs: Peanut Butter Make them spread
She said She wants to "play in the snow" : NOse sled
Kindly decline pussy - Rather get Money instead
The way that she give head Cannot get that out my Head!

I be running amuck because I'm the shit i take a dump
No escape Mixtape Duct Tape Tape them up
Get bands I group money - Cannot break them up
No money in your safe? Ask yourself you safe or what?

I'm no blood Leave you bloody - I come out the cut
From the underground : On the surface feel me Rysing up!
Like a tremor Broke the surface Everyone die together
U.R.I.P - Sincerely End you in 4 letters

Forever I reign/rain drop From the Sky poor/pour weather
Rock you like a Winter jacket Make you sweat You're a sweater
I : umbrella / U : Under me
No protection from Brain Storm - Thoughts got Earth rumbling!

© Clxs - May 2021

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