BSA Ultra CLX Pro Wilderness Edition Review - Range and Country

Published 2023-12-01
This week are looking at the all new BSA ULTRA CLX PRO WILDERNESS EDITION – a masterpiece in the world of air rifles.

Join us on a journey as we unveil the extraordinary features of the BSA ULTRA CLX PRO WILDERNESS EDITION in our latest video! Immerse yourself in the stunning craftsmanship of its beautiful stock, meticulously designed for both form and function.

Don't miss out on the chance to discover why we believe the BSA ULTRA CLX PRO WILDERNESS EDITION is more than just a rifle – it's a work of art that enhances your shooting experience.…

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All Comments (20)
  • @todderstaffes
    amazed you haven’t had any R12’s back due to reg problems, I work in a large dealership up north and we have sense back at least 15 for reg problems and leaks.. In fact we will only order them in now rather than stock them and that’s only after informing the customer of out opinion.. the Ultra is a great (probably BSA’s best model) but its simplicity was the key here..

    I wish they would just give us the laminate cheek piece they chipped out of the stick in the first place rather than the plastic version..
  • @marksaunders9292
    Didn’t you guys have to recall any R12’s due to reg issues?? My gun got recalled . And what about leaks? My first R12 leaked like a sieve .
  • @dwcroyals
    £1400 for an Ultra is a big ask no matter how limited it is but there are people that will pay that for it.
  • @briancollins1078
    Great review guys 👍it made my mind up to purchase one . received mine today from my local gun shop its a fanatic gun very accrete 177 and the ultra compact scope with the adjustable mounts compliments the gun too.
  • @ianwoods1384
    Thank you gentlemen for your video. I think this BSA air rifle, looks absolutely fantastic, especially the laminated stock. To me, everything about it looks beautiful. Your accuracy test couldn't have been better.
    I just find it aggravating to then read some the comments and find out opinion and whats really happening and seeming like sourcing the perfect air rifle thats works and functions as it should without problems is like walking on egg shells.
    I have the R12 CLX PRO and love it. I've practised at 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. I know exactly where to aim at those distances. It's a fantastic gun and if I miss, it's something I've done.
    My R10 wasn't consistant and I didnt shoot it as much, thinking I was the problem.
    I just by chance took it to my local gun shop and they cronograghed it. The legal limit unit was shooting at 13ftlb. I hadn't in any way tampered with it. I'd think that ludicrous if you weren't a technician or super handy and knowledgeable. Less than a week later, my much loved R10 was back, shooting well. I have had a bit of a pellet, magazine jam, though sorted it myself. With great respect, someone not as practical may have returned the unit, labelling it as a fail. I was pleased to rectify the jam myself with just a little commonsense and gentleness.
    For me, BSA make some gorgeous air rifles at a price point exactly for the working man. I love to see them do well given their history and what they've done for us.
    I just find it a little deflating watching your video and then reading the comments. I go from wanting to own what youve reviewed, to being very, very careful how I tread. There's nothing worse than being so so enthusiastic about a what seems a beautiful new purchase, performing perfectly, only to find a whole host of problems.
    I hope this air rifle does as well as it looks, I think it looks fantastic.
    I'm sorry to rabble, I just wanted politely to make my point and write the truth.
    Ps. I adore my BSA air rifles. I could place them on my knee all night and just love them. Their walnut stocks, body lines, action excellence, I just think, are fantastic.
    Like many, I work hard and sacrifice. So when I have some spare time and fine weather and use something thats cost a lot of money, I'd like it to perform properly. When they do, there's nothing better. When they don't, it's very disappointing and a time impact we just don't have.
  • @451greenwood
    Another fantastic video,very enjoyable,
    I was looking up this rifle as we have one locally at my Gun shop….However I DO agree it looks FANTASTIC…But…. Your paying a lot for the looks when you consider as of January 2024 this gun cost more than the R12 CLX Pro also as a kit( Hard Case and better scope )….having fired both guns the R12 CLX Pro shoots double the shots and bizarrely actually more accurate than the ultra(yes this could be down to the set up but even then the ultra doesn’t feel as good but again this is subjective to the user….If I was going to put this ultra in a bag I’d say it shoots more like an R10 just upgraded… the gun,love the style and stock and would have bought it,IF it hadn’t been in the same price bracket as the R12 CLX PRO..
  • @brynybach7741
    Is the silencer thread 1/2" UNF?
    You usually say if it is.
  • @johndingle9199
    Any chance of a review of the kral empire xs please bsa are starting to lag behind the other companies cheers
  • @markhomer5704
    Nice rifle, would have been better if it had the optional shroud like the R12, missed a trick there I think, nevertheless it'll sell out, just like AAR's *special *
  • @DavidJones-jz9sb
    I have had an r12 from week after release I have had no problems and along with my crown is the most accurate gun I own
  • @shaunjones6049
    Try test shooting your BSA rifles 👍. by shooting up at a angle as if you were hunting birds or squirrels keep the rifle on a rest kept at a angle and cycle and shoot the magazine 🤔 put at least 3 magazines through it and see if it jams 👍.
    Safely off course 👍
  • @benhgia2036
    Seriously no regulator issue!🥴. Both mine and my friend’s R10 had. You need to be honest
  • @MikeHowe1969
    The cheek piece totally ruins the lines of the stock.