A Silent Voice Edit

Published 2022-06-17

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  • @mercurii
    Song name: Carol of the bells (violin version)
  • @shozzu
    I literally had goosebumps the entire video.. this story is such a masterpiece
  • @rosellyn5478
    This anime made me cry, not only cuz it's beautiful but also true. My older sister was the same as the main girl character in this anime. She wasn't deaf but my sister couldn't talk (she was a non-verbal person). My mom had to search between lot of schools to find a one which would educate my sister normaly as other kids. Because most schools considered my sister as adisabled and impossible for normal education (even though my sister had the best grades in the school, even better than mine). She was kind, she always helped everyone (even people who made jokes of her - cuz she couldn't talk), she never wanted anything in return. She used a notebook to talk with others (also people could normaly talk to her, but she had to write back). She also knew how to use sign language (so ppl who knew it too, could easier/faster communicate with her ex. me, my family and some other persons - due the fact that writtin' took more time, the more if it was a long message).

    She never complained about anything... but she always had this huge smile and she had a beautiful laugh (tho she couldn't talk she could laugh, cry etc. because the inability to speak stemmed from neurological problems). My mom felt guilty that she couldn't find an another/better school for my sister. 1st because it was hard to find a one and 2nd. we hadn't much money, the more after the moving out. We knew that other ppl at school bullied my sister because of her "difference". Tho my sister never used to tell that anyone - I think... because she knew how much eford and money my mom put into this.

    To make it short. One day she ended her life - she couldn't propably stand it anymore. Unluckilyt there was noone to stop her from it. I hate everyone in my city, the more the people who caused it and received no penalty, just living like nothign happened. I know my sister would want me to forget it and just live my own life and forgive everyone, because it wasn't their intention (and because forgiveness is the only one thing which gives this world hope). But I can't, I would do such things to every person who caused it that it's not even allowed to write it.

    I remember my mom's deep, firm voice and how she only said while the funeral "may my dear daughter angel watch over her culprits. Because God won't...". Infront of all people, teachers, family etc. If You could just see everyone's faces, the more of the kids - non that such kids, because they were 17yo (and the faces of their parents) who bullied my sister . Tho from my sister death passed more than 10 years, her room is still locked and everything there is the same as she left it "that day". My mom feels good tho, she lives her life, she's happy and we spend a lot of time, we were last time even on holidays aboard. Tho she seems to go forward, she always goes to my sister's room and watches almost every saturday pictures in the pfoto album. I am not suprised. It's hard to forget a person who was more loving than all people together in this world and from the God itself.
  • @coltn7432
    looks like a better trailer than the original
  • @LuisA_19
    This is just like the movie a truly beautiful phenomenal work of art 🤍
  • @Caleb_8
    Omg this was such a good edit, though it is a pretty sad anime
  • @sandex_yt3457
    Я посмотрел это аниме и у меня слеза потекла ......
  • @Shmaiae
    anyone that ever laughed at this Movie, is going strait to hell... epic edit bro!!!
  • @sandex_yt3457
    in Russian: Я смотрю это аниме и у меня слеза потекла хотя другие аниме не такие грустные ......
    in English: I watched this anime and my tears flowed, although other anime do not
    e sad ......
  • @Ourlastgoodbye
  • @Indenwolken
    just watched this and I gotta say this was a great movie lez goooooo 510
  • @sreemula3174
    this is so sad, they should make this the original trailer