Amanda the Adventurer

Published 2023-05-16
Grab some popcorn and turn out the lights! It's Amanda time!

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  • @ficteon
    I was wondering why it took 2.5 hours for him to complete this game.. then he started trying putting a banana in the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Mark trying to solve all the puzzles in the room without watching any of the tapes gives a dad trying to build something without looking at the instructions
  • @cold_strawberry
    "aww wooly, it's your birthday!" Probably the most wholesome moment you could ever get in a horror game
  • @krolika3703
    I have rewatched the coloring segment and can confirm that Mark, indeed, did NOT do that combination.
  • @Meat375
    I love how Markiplier continues to scream “I AM A RULE FOLLOWER!” Even though in literally all horror games he goes the opposite direction that is instructed.
  • @a.p.444
    It's really easy to forget how good of a gamer Markiplier is until he finds a good chunk of the lore building Easter eggs and won the game in a single stream while goofing around.
  • @lynnex7551
    Amanda: “I just want to get my friend a treat”

    Mark: “It’s hard to beat meat”
  • @lukethefluke7
    I like how mark struggles to drown the robot, but has no mercy beheading that doll.
  • Game: Increasing sense of suspense and uneasiness
    Mark: 𝗣 𝗘 𝗔 𝗖 𝗛 𝗕 𝗨 𝗧 𝗧
  • @Indictioned
    Markiplier's transition from maniacal laughter to straight-up confusion after inputting the time into that old digital alarm was absolutely priceless.
    Also Markiplier: "I'm putting a banana in, I don't care what you say"
  • @ditzydoo0560
    Amanda: asks a question
    Mark: dicks around
    Also Mark: What was the question?
  • I love how every Markiplier stream starts with his wild indignation and unwarranted agression to chat.
  • MARK: there can only be so many combinations
    Also mark: colors in the same 2 combinations 8 times
  • @MadiMarsh-qv9ud
    why is Amanda being confused more terrifying than her actually being aggressive??
  • Mark yelling at Amanda for calling a cupboard a pantry has the same energy as Charlie yelling at Sneako for calling mags clips and I love it.
  • @ryje2186
    Mark for 6 minutes: joking about paying attention to the menu screen
    Also Mark after said six minutes of the menu screen: “Has it always been doing that?”
    Yes, Mark, it has 😂😂😂
  • Theory: At the end of Aunt Kate’s letter, she says, “With you always.” Not a common phrase to end a letter with. You know what else in the game is “with you always”? The cursor. The cursor with eyes. I propose that the cursor is Aunt Kate.
  • Mark sounding like a father done with his childrens shit in the beggining is pure comedy
  • @Urmom-ds6yr
    1:34:39 I love how he was genuinely enjoying chip😭😭 while sean was NOT having it LMAOOO