I Transformed the OVERWORLD into an OCEAN in Minecraft Hardcore

Published 2022-11-11

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  • aCookieGod
    please subscribe and drop a like if you want me to drop my first ever MERCH, CLOTHING, PLUSHIES! :D
  • YouTube
    you can make any block into a masterpiece and they just get better and better 🔥
  • Zayden Shepard
    I believe the reason his 100 and 1000 days series is so entertaining and cool is his notable and very impressive projects, most of his projects would make a casual Minecraft player start to shake but he knows its hard and still does it. I love this series
  • Uchiha Madara
    The determination of this man is astonishingly humongous
  • Flora
    It’s amazing to see someone build like that, can we just appreciate the time he put in this video to intertain us?
  • Retro Rampage
    Let's appreciate the time and effort he put in his mind blowing vids
  • GamingOnfireYT
    this man has so much patience, he could sit here for a year and yet, i cant sit for 5 minutes doing something AFK
  • Jonny Sins
    We can all agree that he never disappoint us with his content 💐
  • zfg hbs4652
    6:58 props to Wooly for wanting to help protagonist when he knew he had no chance to win against Amanda, love to see Mark playing this again 8-)
  • Bluedagurl
    Let’s appreciate of how much time he takes to make these type of videos and never disspapoint us
  • Ruth Ayala
    Charlie is an actual saint. So glad we have people like him helping others out when they need it. :(
  • The amount of effort you put into one video is immaculate. I could never and that really shows how much you care and how much you do for the content for your fans.🤩
  • I find it amazing that every video, Cookie creates something AMAZING and throughout the whole process he keeps saying "I have no idea what I'm doing right now," or "I'm just spamming blocks!" It's amazing to see how he can create things just on the fly like that.
  • Joseph Allen
    I am not surprised at how much totems he used.
  • Lucas Gaming
    Imagine how long this build took and how much editing and his vids are still 10/10
  • Pecan_Man
    For the hidden city it would be cool if you put flowers and crops to make it look more alive. Maybe even some villagers
  • neo skelo
    I can’t believe that he builds tons of stuff for HOURS for us
    He deserves 10 Million subs
  • Micah p
    Fun fact, prismarine has an animated texture, it turns from a greenish blue to a more blue color, of course very slowly.