Ryan Reynolds Shows Up Instead of Will Ferrell | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published 2021-11-10
Ryan Reynolds shows up to save the day when Will Ferrell bails on his interview and talks about his marriage to Blake Lively and the plot of Ferrell’s show The Shrink Next Door.

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Ryan Reynolds Shows Up Instead of Will Ferrell | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


All Comments (21)
  • Jake Taylor
    “Please welcome Will Ferrel!”
    The crowd cheers
    Ryan Reynolds walks in
    The crowd cheers even louder
  • Zilla TheZalo
    Ryan Reynolds is literally Deadpool. Everywhere he goes now.
    Ryan's brain is FAST....really fast. He is like a young Robin Williams. I dig this guy's comedic style.
  • BagginsWulf
    Ryan's ability to riff is absolutely incredible. Poor Jimmy's floundering, trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING, and Ryan's just responding to everything brilliantly.
  • Amber Dawn
    At this point Ryan's just getting paid to play himself, big brain mode💀
  • Kit
    3:02 Ryan is so ahead of us in everything. Making Will Smith jokes before Will Smith could even make a joke out of himself.
  • Random Commentor
    Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are probably the only two people that could switch places and the people expecting them wouldn’t be disappointed either way 😂
  • Cassie
    This shows me how much of himself Ryan put into the Deadpool we love
  • Shuvro Roy
    Ryan is amazingly funny. He seems like a guy who can just go in a show and make it strangely funny.
  • Gotta admit, pretty clever the way the Jimmies did this.....Even Conan would be impressed.
  • Alexthefiend
    The thing about this guy is that he plays himself in literally every film lmao
  • Tim Rodgers
    Will did the same thing on Kimmel. They're both hilarious. And Jimmy Fallon never able to keep a straight face cracks me up! He has so much fun it's infectious!
  • Wred
    This was 100% Ryan's idea. His marketing genius knows no bounds.
  • Deborah Carey
    Ryan Reynolds is incredible! He is lightning fast. Robin Williams fast. I am constantly amazed by his quick wit and intelligence. He's one in a million. And his "feud" with Hugh Jackman is hysterical.
  • Ptao Tom
    it would be hilarious to watch him tell his kids a story. he just kind makes stuff up as he goes here, imagine him telling a story to three kids!
  • Barkos Vega
    I would have been hilarious if Jimmy just went with it and called him every time Will Ferrell. Asks about Wills movies, life whatever.
  • Alexander I
    love how much the crowd was cheering when they were expecting Will Ferrel would come out but then when ryan reynolds came out they just started cheering even more.
  • Jamaica Filipina
    "he's aging backwards because of his contract with satan"..

  • Leslie Hughes
    I love how Ryan filled in for Will on Fallon, and Will filled in for Ryan on Kimmel. Both were great!
  • sol666
    Ryan Reynolds can crash talk shows any day and nail it like a boss.