US accuses Apple of monopolising smartphone market | BBC News

Published 2024-03-21
The US has filed a landmark lawsuit against Apple, which accuses the tech giant of monopolising the smartphone market and crushing competition.

The justice department alleges the company used its power to limit competitors as well as the options available to consumers.

Apple has vowed to "vigorously" fight the lawsuit and denies the claims.

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  • @bhushan0_078
    did apple forgot to send monthly Cheque* to US govt. lol
  • The EU forced Apple to use USB C. If not for them we'd still be stuck on that headache of lightning cable.
  • @davstar
    The US govt has been encouraging Apple to be a monopoly for a decade and now they've gone 180. I bet it's because the markets Apple are in are saturated and products are lacking innovation.
  • @heroicdairy
    Uh oh someone forgot to pay their lobbying fee
  • @CarterandJulia
    As a former Apple Employee, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • @quchi7232
    I'll never forgive them for starting the trend of $999 smartphones. Heck more people are getting desensitized that $699 smartphones is considered "midrange".
  • @AssurahOdinga
    Cost of production in China $10 Price of product in the US $1600 Explain. 50 Marks
  • @w800imaiz
    Prices too high but innovation and quality goes lower
  • @jovimanglapus
    I think the whole cross platform messaging issue is only in the US where majority are only using imessage as a way to communicate. in other countries, we use 3rd party apps like whatsapp and telegram and i dont know anyone personally who messages using imesssage
  • @Elstan24
    They should be prosecuted for downgrading battery life!
  • @sm7085
    It's nice to see the US govt agreeing with EU on this.
  • @techexprt1
    You forgot to mention BootCamp on Intel Based Mac: 1. All Macs from 2018-2020 support Windows 11 natively but apple didn't update the firmware (BIOS) to enable TPM 2.0 (fTPM) 2. Apple rarely update the drivers of BootCamp (between 2006-2020/ once a year or every 2 years) 3. No Official support of eGPU 4. Overheating Problems due to bad firmware (EFI Shell) implementation / Hardware initialization when using Windows (loss performance by 5%-20%) 5. Thunderbolt 3 Drivers very bad on Windows 10 since apple uses a different michanism to connect the x4 lanes of thunderbolt to the CPU which not direct access, unlike Intel Nuc or other PCs use direct access to the CPU.
  • @wowJhil
    It took them this long? I mean, Apple is the company that is well known for doing this better then any other tech company! The only reason really I don't buy any Apple products at all, is for this soul reason.
  • @FluffyBuffy27
    I don't live in the US so I don't know the affects of Apple, but in the UK at least, I am not hindered at all by using an Android so I don't understand why in the US, people continue to buy Apple when it is so anti-competitive? If users don't like the fact that Apple are gatekeeping and not sharing, then shouldn't they just buy an Android?
  • @manchuratt8900
    Good to hear about this lawsuit. Hope they get a huge fine and be forced to open up the app store.
  • @Slampty
    So finally are we getting a low end affordable Iphone?
  • @Sonicsyndicat
    As a former Apple user I personally hate them and the restrictions it brings to have an iPhone. Needing apple ID, iTunes, apple software on your pc just to be able to access your phone or images etc. It's way to much work. Android you can just plug in to any PC and you have access. At work we only have apple phones and everyone curses them. I personally feel that here in Sweden more and more people are switching to Android and hating IPhone for these reasons.