BANNED Things In The NBA

Published 2023-05-23

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  • YouTube
    banning mid-range shots is the most wild one!
  • Tej Chohan
    Ah yes, Remember the time LeBron wore shoes with nails? He went off with 69 assists and 420 points. Good thing they banned those.
  • isaac c
    imagine if draymond wore the shoes on the thumbnail in that kings series 😬
    "only one month of these balls getting played with" 🤣😂😭
  • Shoe Boy
    it’s always a good day when hoopflix posts 💯
  • Sparkz
    Honestly, all the rules would actually suck. Forget about the money, working your ass off just to get scrutinized at every turn. On the court and off. You'd definitely be a different person out the other end. And maybe not for the best.
  • Rashida Reeves
    Wow! I don’t watch sports and had no idea LeBron regularly got disrespected like that ! 🤭 People are wild
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  • A yes do you remember when giannis antetokounmpo used a headband that is preventing you from getting the ball and did this 6 blocks and 9 Steals and 420 points good ting that they the ban it lol
  • DjaKeLA
    Why are fans getting punished for saying something bad to a players. In eternal derby that stuff is normal.
  • Seunghee gvch
    "after only a few months of his balls being played with, problems arised"💀

    Yooo we got to 69 likes
    now we have more likes than youtube
  • Kam7Kam
    Can you make a video of Steph Curry’s career?