Last To Take Hand Off Jet, Keeps It!

Published 2022-11-12
Close this and watch to the end to see who wins!

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At the end I said we would offset all carbon emissions but what we actually did was offset it by 10x!!
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All Comments (21)
  • MrBeast
  • LazarBeam
    Was very cool to compete. Having to pee in a bucket infront of MrBeast is something I’ll never forget.
  • Darth Deimos
    I absolutely love this guy. Regardless of all the people who try to put a dark light on him, anyone who has actually watched him and seen his impact knows he is a good guy with a good heart. Just a shame he is never in my area😂
  • L An dich
    Seeing Harry happy is the best feeling ever. What a lad. Dude deserves everything.
  • Des Garsons
    MrBeast спасибо за крутой контент. Когда я увидел первый раз твои видео то чуть с ума не сошел! Обожаю твои видео и считаю тебя самым лучшим в своем деле! Я желаю здоровья тебе и твоим близким! Придела нет твоему каналу )
  • 9.95مليون
    Honestly the sound and the editing and the fun that this person offers is hard to find someone who offers the same thing 💓💓 who agrees with me💓
  • Toby
    Gotta respect Harry's integrity man. Asked for jimmy to check even if they didn't notice and still comes out with the dub
  • C'est tellement marrant de les voirs galéré 🤣 En vrai respect à eu car ils sont pris des heures et des heures à coller leur mains sur le jet 😅
  • watching these videos makes me happy when life is hella tough especially now. keep it up mr beast
  • Роман
    Спасибо mrbeast что переводите видео на русский, это очень приятно, ждём всю команду в России 😱😱😱
  • Jacob lloyd
    The things this guy does is just plain out AMAZING loves how he shares his blessings with the world
  • nikhil shirke
    What amazing and refreshing content I’m such a fan of your work, and it inspires me a lot.
  • Summer Coyle
    I love how you and ThE bOiS always make me smile, and you are just so amazing! Keep doing what you do!
  • Jimmy always takes EVERYTHING he does to the next level its honestly insane
  • Harsha Nalin
    Best content creator and best youtuber I ever seen, and always waiting next one 🥂❤️
  • Slushee
    The honesty of Gib and Harry is so respectable
  • Shelby Clancy
    This was so funny but I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it was for all of them 🔥😂😅
  • Chickenugget
    Jimmy always goes the extra mile. Offsetting carbon at the end just made me really wish more people would care as much as he did.

    Edit: Someone copied this word for word 💀
  • rabina silwal
    Really love the ideas and the way u do it 😍👏