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Published 2021-06-30
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This RPA UiPath full course will help you understand what RPA is, and the working of UiPath. UiPath is an advanced RPA tool that enables you to design automation processes visually through diagrams. If you wish to become a UiPath developer, then you're in the right place!

The following are the topics covered in this video -
0:00 - RPA UiPath Full course
0:02:12 - What is RPA?
0:08:43 - Top 10 Reasons to learn RPA
00:15:45 - RPA Examples
00:26:25 - Blueprism vs UiPath vs Automation Anywhere
00:36:46 - What is UiPath?
00:59:36 - UiPath Installation
1:04:37 - UiPath Tutorial
1:38:29 - What is UiPath Orchestrator
2:01:30 - What is a Framework and its purpose?
2:19:55 - What is Web Automation?
2:43:07 - What is Excel Automation?
2:56:48 - Who is an RPA developer?
3:03:48 - UiPath Interview Questions

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What is UiPath?
UiPath is an advanced RPA tool that enables you to design automation processes visually through diagrams. UiPath provides complete end-to-end automation, calling it “hyper-automation.”

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