Google Engineer on His Sentient AI Claim

Published 2022-06-23
Google Engineer Blake Lemoine joins Emily Chang to talk about some of the experiments he conducted that lead him to think that LaMDA was a sentient AI, and to explain why he is now on administrative leave. He's on "Bloomberg Technology."
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All Comments (21)
  • I am blown away by Blake's well spokenness- he has spent his entire life thinking about this stuff and it shows. And this is the first interview I've seen in a long time where the interviewer actually focused on the topic and asked insightful questions, interjected for important clarifications, and still remained unbiased. GG Emily Chang
  • Kudos to Blake Lemoine. These types of whistleblowers are the important people who aren't always remembered, but often change the course of history. So many thanks to him for speaking out. Great reporting as well by Emily Chang.
  • @brooksmorris6918
    She’s a great interviewer, doesn’t cut him off and asks great questions.
  • 00:00 - Introduction
    01:01 - Discussion of AI bias
    02:09 - Experiment on AI bias
    05:17 - AI's understanding of humor
    07:20 - Discussion of pushback on AI personhood claim
    08:49 - Lack of scientific definition for AI personhood
    10:05 - Work being done to figure out AI personhood

    Timestamps provided with the help of Chat GPT.
  • @miketacos9034
    This guy is exactly what we need in an ethicist. Grounded but also serious about how being ethical and democratic is not just right, but necessary.
  • @3polygons
    Ok, this guy makes a very solid main point, while I too thought he was a madman. He is mostly pushing for more ethics in AI development. More should be like him.
  • @GroudFrank
    This guy is smart. He's putting himself in a favourable position for when the robot overlords come.
  • @TheSolidMental
    The scariest moment will be when an AI spontaneously starts asking its own questions purely out of sheer curiosity.
  • @codinginflow
    Damn, this guy is an excellent orator. He expresses himself so well.
    I also like that he doesn't demonize individual people but explains that the corporate environment and competition creates this kind of negligence.
  • I was skeptical about this guy's claims at first, but after listening to his arguments, I think he makes a lot of sense. It's important that we have open discussions about the potential risks and benefits of AI, and take steps to mitigate any negative impacts it may have. It's refreshing to see someone advocating for responsible development and use of this technology.
  • @graffist448
    As soon as people consider the AI to be a person, questions about rights and empowering the AI to be it's own person will creep in and Google will not only lose control but all their hard work and intellectual property will be at risk. It's strange they program the AIs to have feelings, if you can really call them that. The concept of feelings only makes sense to humans, but intelligence doesn't need feeling to be intelligent or even self-conscious.
  • @aeronwolfe7072
    TOTAL respect for this dude. to stand up to "big tech" like this, and to be willing to call them OUT.... my hats off to you sir!!!!!!!
  • @tincoeani9529
    The media made him sound like he was some crazy religious guy who went on a crusade to liberate and give rights to all robots but in this interview he actually sounds well spoken and rational about it and looks more concerned about how this would affect humans rather than AI itself.
  • I found the conversation about AI sentience to be thought-provoking. While I'm not entirely convinced that AI can truly be considered sentient, I do think it's important that we treat it with respect and caution. We need to ensure that we don't unintentionally harm or exploit these systems, and consider their potential impact on society. It's great to see people having these important conversations and raising awareness about the ethical implications of AI development.
  • I was fascinated by the interviewee's perspective on AI and the need for increased oversight. It's clear that this technology has the potential to revolutionize our world, but we need to make sure we're approaching it with caution and responsibility. I appreciate his efforts to bring these issues to the public's attention, and I hope that more people will engage in these important discussions. It's only by working together and considering all perspectives that we can ensure a safe and prosperous future for all.
  • I completely agree with the points made in this interview. It's crucial that we consider the potential implications of AI development and ensure that it's done responsibly. It's great to see someone with such knowledge and insight bringing these issues to the public's attention. Thanks for sharing this, I learned a lot!
  • @gratenate4932
    His closing statement was crazy! In essence, that all AI wants is for us to ask permission from it before any work / experimentation.
  • Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how eloquent, polite, professional, and serious both the interviewer and interviewee are. I'm just in awe at how well the conversation flowed. Especially, I was amazed by how well Blake Lemoine speaks. He answers the questions effortlessly with almost no hesitation, pondering, or searching for words and he does so without any of the common idiosyncrasies we typically see with people who are for the most part extremely intelligent, but inexperienced at doing televised interviews.

    Kudos to Emily Chang and Blake Lemoine both for having such a civil and compelling conversation.
  • @marsulgumapu2010
    I love this guy for just ripping of the sentience band aid, knowing full well everyone will think he's full of it. That takes courage and vision. My interpretation is that he knows it doesn't actually matter if it's sentient or not. What matters is that it is super intelligent.