Talking Sarah into cutting off her hair

Published 2015-12-07
In a classic PHD4U video, Lee talks Sarah into getting a pixie cut

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  • Dave C
    Not the greatest cut, but she look incredible with short hair. She was hesitant but towards the ends she admits she always wanted a cute hair style, and she got one for sure
  • Bill M
    She's so gorgeous it makes no difference but I'd vote for the long hair. It was superb, world class, shampoo commercial type hair.
  • Mikael Tordelöv
    She looks 15-20 years younger in her new hairstyle , so eyecatchingly pretty woman now than before.
  • Cathy Smith
    First of all, you should never cut your hair unless you are completely ready to get it cut. You should never be "talked into" getting your hair cut off. Secondly, always go to someone who knows what they are doing. This was a butchered mess.
  • Art Haller
    You must know she wasn’t forced to cut her hair, it was staged to look that way and she probably got paid to do it. They invited the guy there to cut her hair short. While the end result was not perfect she looked amazing with her hair short. Someone should find her and ask how long she kept it that way
  • Regal Hair
    Absolutely Stunning transformation!!!
  • Jamie Case
    He definately can't cut hair but sure can chew the hell out of gum. Poor lady. He sure messed her up.
  • While he's an amateur, you have to take into account when this was filmed. In the late 90's and early 00's this style was considered cool. I can remember a lot of girls who paid to get this cut. Their hair didn't look any better. If this was today, major fail. Back then, success!
  • Lydia S
    She looked way better with longer hair
  • Hans van Dijk
    I hope she grew  it back again , it was a shock to see that beautiful tail being chopped off
  • White Wave
    I actually love this cut! Especially the back!
  • buddy 2023
    She could have gone all the way she has the right features to rock a smooth shaved look
  • Happy NeeNee
    I think she would look cute in a Pixie cut, done by a professional stylist , and have a lighter blonde shade.
  • Nancy Landerson
    Why would anyone let an amateur cut their hair when they don't want it cut? It's a bad haircut, uneven and chopped, not tapered. Go to a salon and get it fixed. Then maybe you'll like it. As for the guy who talked you into it, let him get his head shaved by an amateur next time.
  • Gloria Salsman
    Don't let your boyfriend or husband talk you into getting it cut, you have to make up your own mind, some people aren't meant to have short hair, and if your grows slow it will take for ever to grow out, my husband wanted to keep short hair, like a boy, for some reason, but for many of years now my hair is long, if I feel like cutting it , I will, but I will not listen to a man.