Michelle McKinney Hammond Finding Boaz

Published 2017-08-10

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  • J C
    👏👏👏👏👏👏 this is awesome on so many levels. The Bible says he who FINDS a wife finds a good thing. That takes the pressure off of us as ladies.

    And I have always said there is no such thing as a shy man when it comes to a woman they are truly interested in. Let's relax and be about our business and let men do what they do best....find us.
  • bev tally
    Mr Boaz found me this year. Even though we've known each other 4 50 years and have lived separate lives. We're both 70+ years old. But i feel very young and that this relationship is divinely inspired.
  • Lerato Bapela
    this message was definitely for me after I got dumped with a baby and feeling like I was nothing and no one could live me. I did not check my choices with my heavenly father and that was the consequence of my actions. Lord thank you for the direction
  • Lidiya Nikolayev
    I was really in a bad place emotionally where I got tired of waiting for God until God brought me to this sermon. Thank you!
  • Josephine Mukeni
    I just terminated a dating online account,coz I felt it was draining me emotionally,just the I found this teaching,watched it and I feel this was Gods doing.I choose to work hard on the assignment at hand and let Yeshua be my soulmate..hallelujah
  • B Johnson
    I am so thankful I found this message. This is an excellent teaching, holy spirit lead and accurate on every level. This message isn't just synonymous with "Finding Boaz", but, about many other areas of our lives. So much wisdom.

    I just made the decision to stop communicating with a brother that I met on the phone 8 years ago, after enrolling in a psychology class and he was director of admissions. We live in different states and have communicated off and on for nearly 8 years. He's handsome, has a Ph.D., successful and carnal. We've talked more over the last several years than ever before and despite him believing that he's a Christian, his fruit does not represent it.

    We met on the phone, so, this is proof that I don't need to run all over the city, the state, or country trying to find another because God knows my address and he knows how to partner me when it's time. I've been single for 12 years and when and if God decides otherwise, He'll let me know. I'm a woman of great faith, obedience, and patience and I know my prayers haven't fallen on death ears. I asked the Lord to show me the true character of this man, he did and I'm going to heed the warning.

    Isaiah 40:31 (NKJV) "But those who wait on the Lord... Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint."

    God bless you, Sister Michelle and may God continue to use you in such an amazing way.
  • “Before you were in your mother’s womb, HE knew who was going to be with who”. 🤯 that hit hooooooome. Wooow. Wooow. This is such a timely message for this season in my life
  • Jennifer Bouldin
    I have listened to this sermon at least 15 times and each time I take something different away from it ❤️ still waiting on my Boaz and behaving like Ruth ❤️ Godspeed
  • nenhens
    Hi Michelle !!! I am a 40 , after a long 15 years of being a backsliding Christian working on a passenger cruise ship busy making money and living a life of doing what you like. I finally bade good bye to 🚢 life after receiving Christ. I was worrying a lot for a Boaz in my life at this age but your testimony inspired me a lot " trusting God at the fullest " Thank you very much .
  • Theea M
    i love this woman so much! "Women want to be married but they don't want to be marriage material. Men want to be married but they don't want to DATE marriage material". that burn...
  • Monique Chemfor
    Thank you very much Michelle, at this hour 12:54am the 20/07/2019, my life has taken a new turn, am willingly and patiently waiting for GOD's Perfect Timing and Will to be accomplished in my life in the name of JESUS, AMEN. May God richly continue to bless your soul in JESUS Name, Amen.
  • Chimdi
    Sending the link of this video to all my single friends. I'm in love with the wisdom you're oozing Sis Michelle. I read your books in my single years, every one of them, and your wisdom guided me through the toughest times. Your books was a tool the Lord used to renew my mind from dating Moab style to courting kingdom style. I can assure you that the truths you wrote were tough to imbibe because it negated the filth I had believed. Sometimes I would really get hit below the belt by a truth and I would put the book down and walk away, refusing to give up the strong hold in my mind. But God would keep drawing me back and I would return to reading, sometimes in days and other times in weeks or month. I was committed to the process though and I can say that I've come very far. God bless you for your faith and example. The Lord really does minister through you.
  • Careatha Bussey
    I learned so much, now it's time to teach what I've learned and apply it to myself! Thank you Lord this message went into depth and is full of so much truth!
  • Anne Agena
    I felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through her I have been celibate for a long while it got really lonely but I refused to just give myself up to anyone because I know my worth and values as a daughter of the king. I know someone will respect me and love me for respecting myself and my body
  • Fara
    Anyone listening during this quarantine? Powerful message!
    I just found you, I am divorced now 2 years, after 25 years to an abusive man. YOU are exaclty what God wanted me to hear!!!!! Thank You
  • Nahnie2552
    So desperate, after my fiance' broke off my engagement a few days ago, I decided I should go and adopt or foster ... Without even consulting with God; just as I did my engagement. I need "power over making rebound moves". Thank you, Michelle. I love your wisdom.
  • Lynn Gordon
    I am just seeing this, but I am not late, because the teacher appears when the student is ready! Thank you LORD
  • Zoe Zanyoh
    I’m 22 and I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot lately. I prayed that to God that even though I don’t have my husband yet he should prepare me to be a good wife and I chanced upon this video. I know it’s part of my preparation. God bless you.
  • B4real Jenkins
    As a single Pastor I am glad to hear someone else say this God bless you.