The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer

Published 2023-03-12

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  • I love the part where Vin Diesel says “Fish and chips? Nah this is family”. Chilling moment.
  • marco70go
    I love the part when Ursula yells at Ariel "It puts the lotion in the basket!" So chilling and original.
  • Ame la parte cuando Ariel se levanta, mira a Ursula con determinación y le dice “Porque, Yo soy la más perrrona aquí” realmente me llegó hasta el alma.
  • Ikan Gorengenak
    I love the part where Ariel said, "It's mermaid time!!" Truly one of the movies of all time
  • Karol S
    I love the part where Eric says "I'm not in danger, I am the danger!", Goosebumps on the whole body 😯👌
  • SE T
    I love the part where Ariel books a cruise on a Disney ship so she can experience a seafood buffet.
    I had tears in my eyes when she tried the crab salad.
  • I love the part when Ariel says "I will take the ring to Mordor". So good and breathtaking.
  • Joe Miller
    The part where Ariel says "Time huh, thanks for the tip." sent chills down my spine.
  • rc3wondere
    I really teared up when David Hasselhoff showed up to give Eric and Ariel a ride back to sea. It was so emotional.
  • Justin Calabrese
    I love the part when Triton says, “I love you 3000.” Really emotional and heartbreaking scene
  • Yin63
    I loved the part when Eric says to Ariel "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". So heartwarming.
  • XanderBe
    I loved the part where Eric throw a ball at Ariel and screamed "Little Mermaid, you're MIIIINEEEE!". So touching.
  • DaddyYoru
    I love the part where Ariel says "With great power comes great responsibility" so good.
  • Doom
    I love the part where Eric says “come with me if you want to live.” Very powerful stuff.
  • Мне больше всего понравился момент, когда Ариель писала угрожающий пост в твиттере, а когда в комнату зашел Григорий Лепс, то сразу телепортировалась в Стар-Сити. Прям мурашки по коже.
  • ɒꙅᴎiႱ
    I love the part where Ariel says: "the boy who lived, comes to die" I really felt that
  • SE T
    I love the part where Ariel pushes Ursula into a huge pot of hot oil and Sebastian says
    “I love deep fried octopus! Let’s eat!”

    Truly an amazing performance.
  • Armani Moerat
    I love the part where Ursula says “Yer a wizard, Ariel.” a truly beautiful moment and a real tear-jerker too
  • Waffen SS Reno
    I love the part when ariel says "I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." Trully inspiring