Lee Meriwether | The Complete Pioneers of Television Interview

Published 2022-03-12
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Lee Meriwether talks about her iconic career thus far and being on set of the tv movie "Batman".

Director: Steven J Boettcher

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All Comments (20)
  • E Z
    Lee has always been such a beautiful, elegant woman and carries herself so well. I sure wish the young ladies of today would aspire to this level of class and sophistication. I also love the fact she didn't go the plastic surgery route and she has aged so gracefully. She's a true, natural beauty both inside and out.
  • H C
    A class act and what a surprise to see someone who knows how to dress properly in Hollywood.
  • Deux Poissons
    Love her .... class , humble , the whole package !!
  • funkyswede62
    Beautiful woman, class and style. I love Lee because she's so natural!
  • crystalheart9
    What a lovely lady, I've been watching her since I was a kid and always knew her name and loved her in anything she was in. Thanks for this interview, it was so very enjoyable.
  • Gary Carpenter
    She's my second choice for Catwoman and she was great on Barnaby Jones
  • reader1956
    What a great talent and great beauty. I've always loved her work. P. S. Even though it was only once, she is my favorite Catwoman.🙂
  • Randy Acuna
    Lee is my favorite catwoman. she is simply gorgeous and very down to earth.
  • Lisa Hardy
    She actually appeared in 8 episodes of Mission Impossible
  • MusicUniverse
    A beautiful lady. I read where Lee and Buddy Epson were an item, and she adored him. 👍🏻😎
  • Randy Acuna
    sophistication and sizzle, that's why I feel she is the best catwoman. And drop dead gorgeous.
  • Mryrhodesian
    My thoughts about Hollywood women. I loved/love Sharon Tate. I love Lee Meriwether.....And then I really don't care about the rest.
  • TC
    When was this interview?
  • Jonny Quest
    Boy did she fill out that catwoman outfit. Meowwwwww!
  • Paul Eannetta
    Never understood why she did Barnaby Jones such a boring part, of a canceled series