Lionel Richie: A life in song

Published 2022-05-15
The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, lead singer of the Commodores, solo artist, and "American Idol" judge is being awarded the Library of Congress' 2022 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Lionel Richie talks with correspondent Kelefa Sanneh about growing up on the campus of Tuskegee University, as well as his 50-year career – from opening for Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, to his solo success, and what the lyrics of "All Night Long" really mean.

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All Comments (21)
  • Shaye VondeKempt
    I love how enthusiastic and joyful the interviewer is. And let's not forget what a beautiful voice Lionel has and oh so very talented he is.😊💖❤💕
  • Margo
    Love Lionel Richie! I have his greatest hits CD and there’s not a bad song on there. Love his ballads, his voice. A true American treasure.
  • The music of Lionel Richie has been a part of my life for over 40 years. He deserves every accolade for his work.
  • Jeannie Mainzer
    Oh my gosh, Lionel was the musical backdrop of my coming-of-age years. He couldn't write or sing a bad song. "Hello" takes me down a nostalgia road that just tugs at my heart. Love this guy!
  • Michael Mack
    Anyone who had a prom or school dance in the 80’s danced and or slow danced to his music. #LEGEND
  • Dennis Morris
    Such a great artist and person, Lionel Richie.
  • Larry Southern
    The Commodores were the super funk bands of the pre disco era along with Earth Wind and Fire and and Kool and the Gang.( And many many more....) Who doesn't remember ( back in the 70s)getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch SOULTRAIN??? TheSooooooooul Train!!!
    And watching in awe.... 👀)
    ( You can still watch them in archive videos)
    The Jackson Five and The Supremes were icons... But those bands I mentioned were household names as well!!
    Congratulations to Mr. Lionel Ritchie for his recognition....And THANK YOU SIR!!
    "Easy like SUNDAY MORNING" 🎵
    🌅 .....
  • pat cavasin
    He's a wonderful talent, and seems like a very decent human being.
  • woop3131
    One of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time!
  • Denise Boertje
    “Hello” is one of the all-time songs. So poignant and sweet. Brilliant performer. God bless!
  • Rotten Apple
    Saw him and The Commodores at the Omaha Civic Arena in 76 or 77 while I was in the USAF. I'm no stranger to rock shows but I have to say that was a SHOW right there. Thoroughly entertaining for two and half hours.
  • Asdf
    Every accolade deserved! Lionel Richie is a mega star and wonderful human.
  • Wired Weird
    "Love Will Conquer All" has a most unusual chord progression. Killer song too 😉
  • SeeWing Yee
    I loved his music for the past 50 years. sings the best love ballads in history!
  • Ariel
    This man is a true gentleman an amazing performer and songwriter I've loved him since the eighties keep going Lionel ❤️
  • Sabrina Burnham
    His love songs are “TRULY”the best songs I’ve ever heard! Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with the world.
  • Neil Feinberg
    Neat bit of trivia that the Commodores opened for the Jackson 5. Should have followed with the ground-breaking "We are the World" collaboration! But Lionel s playbook of hits is so vast it couldn't be showcased in a short clip. I salute you!
  • Kari Webster
    This brought me so much joy! This man’s music IS my childhood! I feel safe and secure when I listen to it! It’s like a security blanket if you will and a key to my happiest moments as a child! Thank you, Lionel
  • Chris Finch
    Lionel Richie- what a talented artist. Stuck on You, and Hello are two of my favorites. If I ever bumped into him, I’d tell him that my parents have loved his music, for as long as they can remember.