Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass

Published 2024-04-15
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass Skins, NEW Chapter 5 Season 3 Leaks & Chapter 5 Season 3 trailer with Live Event for Season 3 Chapter 5 & NEW Fortnite Season 3 Leaks with theme, new skins, & More in Fortnite chapter 5 season 3 new season update!

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All Comments (21)
  • @porkor1
    I love the the one with blue One the bright bomber one and the cowboy one
  • @amNewbie
    new dummy skin concept lookin fire - definitely fits the whole apocalyptic theme 3:56
  • @RampStator
    2:38 That ain"t Midas brotha, looks more like some post Soviet Union billboard
  • @HyperGamesYT16
    insane analysis love your videos good job I have liked and subbed😀
  • @LinusKnight
    a Post Apocalyse season for summer would be awesome
  • The reason River Styx is so dangerous is bc if i remember correctly, if you touch it at ALL, even a little drop, either your soul is forced into an eternal damnation, or your memory is completely wiped, i dont remember exactly why, but its probably the first since skulls float around you when you step/come into contact with it
  • Wait guys look at the Immortal Hades loading screen. It looks like he’s riding on one of the Olympic areas with a volcano in the back and the green water
  • I’m pretty the first concept skin with the bear helmet or whatever is confirmed, because if you look closely on the roadmap, you can make it out as one of the skins on the Ch5S3 page
  • @Elegant111
    Hmm interesting it would definitely be different
  • I bet Season 3 will be magic. I just have a feeling. A tingly feeling
  • This makes total sense!! Furiosa (a mad max saga) is out on May 24th when season 3 starts and Borderlands is out in August good book end for 2 apocalypse movies! i hope this is true as im a massive mad max fan.
  • @The_BossLvL
    My favourite apocalypse skins are the boom box, the steam punk cowgirl looking skin and rock punk dummy
  • @Rev_Goose
    I was wondering if they were going to do an apocalypse season for season 3. Was just saying last week they could tie it into a Fallout collab, bring back the Borderlands skin for the movie, and maybe even introduce new styles for the walking dead skins based on their new shows. Wouldn't be surprised if we got Last of Us skins or even a Negan skin if this is the theme for next season too
  • @Harry33625
    Bro, they got to have the fallout vegas suit as main bounes skin
  • When the new Godzilla x kong the new empire came out I was wondering is there any chance Fortnite will work with them for just now looks like yea thank your for making this video 😊❤