Austin Butler & Florence Pugh on the “Dune: Part 2” Group Chat & Feyd’s Hotness Level | MTV

Published 2024-02-28
MTV’s Josh Horowitz chats with Austin Butler and Florence Pugh about what the “Dune: Part 2” group chat should be called, whether Feyd is sexy, cooking, and more.

Host: Josh Horowitz
Producer: Cheryl Krucas
Editor: Alison Gately
Manager, Celebrity Talent: Emily Jacobs
VP, MTV Brand Social: India Little
Sr. Director, Production Management: Rebecca Hartman
Line Producer: Ravali Babooram

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All Comments (21)
  • @margot2963
    can we talk about the fact that Austin always look at the person who's talking with so much interest?? like wow
  • @anziocc
    Austin is always so kind with the people around him
  • @jaxsontuttle4932
    I hope we get a future Rom Comedy with Austin and Florence they look like they have such awesome chemistry and good friends!
  • @ruthnagarya2028
    I LOVE the compatability between Florence and Austin. He is so shy and low key, trying to bring himself out more strongly and she is a comic genius who can hold up to any hitman on the screen. God they would make a fantastic pair in a the Thomas Crown affair, Baby Driver, Die another Day or Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They'e are perfect for that kind of a movie!!!!! Their dynamic together is really cool, interesting and funny!!!!
  • @tidenly
    An awful day to the editor who decided this interview needed loud background music
  • @JJJ-rs3dv
    I didn't expect this much of chemistry between Aus and Flo during this promo!
  • @liv-bv3pl
    Both so attractive and charming. Lower the goddamn music.
  • @jn3723
    he is amazing as Feyd, yes, we should not be attracted to Feyd, but here we are, IMO He is the best part of the movie
  • They were great additions to the already amazing cast. I loved the energy of this interview! 🤩
  • @ConnieTerrell
    Josh is my favorite interviewer and these two are great together!
  • @saeglopur74
    I love this duo! Austin is so freakin thoughtful! I also admire their patience having to do all the press interviews… I mean, lucky them, but still!
  • @florencepi6232
    I love them but I didn't like the presence of music when they were talking. It's unnecessary and distracting.
  • @johnjungkook2721
    Feyd was the sexiest character in the movie IMO. Also Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson.
  • I LOVE JH! He always creates a fun environment which creates amazing moments from the talent. And can we please talk about the Flo and Austin chemistry?! They play off each other so well. They need to be in another project together! ❤