Ages 1 - 100 Decide Who Wins $250,000

Published 2024-04-20
I can’t believe who they picked
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrBeast
  • @cris3164
    "42 was rhe most manipulative! "*I'll buy you robux, i promise.*"
  • 58 knew. He knew. He knew that 42 would get the money. He couldn’t let it happen. After he watched him manipulate 43. So he threw himself out there to make sure 42 didn’t get the money. He was sacrificing himself too, as he didn’t get the money either. What a selfless man. Great video Jimmy!
  • 57 saying “40’s watch out for the 50’s , cause we’re coming after you”. DAMN
  • @itzMyraBrayv
    42 was an actual villain. Bro was evil! "now is not the time to develop a heart" is literally such a supervillain quote
  • @renzlegaspi1068
    42: "If you step out we both lose." 58: "You son of a b*tch.. I'm in."
  • @williamkah9599
    42: "if you step out, we both lose" 58: "That's the plan😉
  • @ummekalsoom0085
    14's honesty was everything, he was mature, got eliminated because of his honesty but still he was happy and didn't become a cry baby, Hope he comes back in another video.
  • @niah8359
    Ok sorry but 42 is so controlling and it's weird how he kept saying "I'm so proud of you" 😂👀
  • @denver-dnx
    42: "If you step out we both lose" 58: "That'd be the perfect thing to do"
  • @albertprifti
    That wink from 58 during the interview of 42 was giving me "hold my beer buddy. Enough crap from you" vibe. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @Jiggums
    42 was a straight menace, this man did some aizen type stuff. “I’m so proud of you” was absolutely insane.
  • @BucksCorner101
    "10 grand isn't worth hurting these people." What a statement from that young man.
  • @Texansfan77
    19:16 That look at the camera changed everything. He knew 42 was the villain and he didn’t want him to get that money