Published 2024-04-21
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  • @funnyrajab6960
    As Uganda we mourn with u Kenya for yo loss,we are all children of Africa, may The Almighty comfort u All fellow brothers and sisters of Kenya, we are one , salute to the fallen comrade, it's not only Kenya as lost Him but the whole African continent we have Lost Such a Great man.R.I.P, VIVA AFRICA
  • Mourning with you from Zimbabwe.My husband comes from Masati Ugenya we are family. Rest in peace General.
  • @constanceikhabi
    I recal a month a go when he came to our offices for a meeting with GS. So down to earth, he is Anglican but he humbly received our Catholic lenten campaign materials that he diligently wanted to read as it was lent period. Rest in eternal peace General and the others who lost lives in W.P County
  • @peteroduor1018
    He demonstrated all tha material things we fight over in this world are nothing before the Lord , great inspiration !
  • R.i.p General. You lived as an example of "Christ".and left period Christ's teaching. No doubt, you are a partaker of Kingdom of God. May our Lord God help us to live life as the Good General and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ!!!!
  • This is a lesson to those, who worship the dead. Some die in Kisumu and are airfreighted to rest in Lee Funeral Home while money is being raised for the funeral. RIP General Ogolla. History will not forget you.
  • @annegatere2282
    This is the humility of highest level, our general you truly have inspired many people we salute you our hero,rest peacefully
  • @user-po2no3ms4s
    Am a Ugandan but am feeling to much pain for our general omondi may his soul rest in peace 😢😢😢
  • @user-ls3il5qp9p
    True heart of humility .... U indicated furtherly that u had not been taken off by the worldly designs ..... thanks for doing ur personal Best .... African mourns for the gallant son in u .... It's never the same till we meet again ....RIP our generational servant ....
  • @laurynnebs6036
    His simplicity speaks volumes of the kind of a person he was. If only he could be emulated by many😢
  • Truly he was a unique general,,,it awesome how he embraced all religions,, muslim n Christianity,,his passion for scripture was in another level,,let's thanx almighty to have had him. He had left a mark in every kenyan heart.
  • Watching from Papua New Guinea in the Pacific. What a moving and memorable moment. May his soul rest in eternal peace till the Lord's return
  • God help us stay humble .Money means nothing stop worshipping money .I learnt a lesson that will help me humble all days of my life
  • @jalarcosmas4749
    This kind of burial teaches us that everything is useless in this world 😢😢😢 may his soul rest in peace. I cried from Uganda.