The Original PB&J from 1901

Published 2023-05-23
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Apple Jelly
Currant Jam


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Subtitles: Jose Mendoza | IG @worldagainstjose

Machu Pichu: By Pedro Szekely at, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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All Comments (21)
  • Beep Boop
    as a poor person, peanutbutter is an essential food
  • Ryan Hillyard
    I love that the saying before, "It's the best thing since sliced bread" was "It's the best thing since wrapped bread."
  • nymph seldor
    When my family moved from the US to Greece, I was 11 and peanut butter was one of the things I missed. It was impossible to come by and even if you did, it was ridiculously expensive. And when I would talk about it as a flavor, I would be made fun of and told to be "less of an American"... Fast forward to the past few years: there are now Greek companies that make all types of nut butters and there is always peanut butter in my cupboard to be enjoyed with homemade jam ❤️
  • Mariah Fetch
    I remember the cold PB&J’s from field trips. It was this magic reaction to being in a hot bus, in an ice chest. Impossible to recreate on purpose.❤
  • D D
    By eight years old I was a latch-key kid, fending for myself most days. PB&J on Wonder bread with a glass of milk kept me fed. I turned 55 a couple days ago, and it is still my favorite lunch or snack. No wonder bread these days, but there are delicious alternatives.
  • L&L語
    Mazapan (ground peanuts and sugar, usually formed into a small disk) is a very classic, popular Mexican candy. I had no idea it was pre-Columbian!
  • illfayted
    If anyone is confused, in the US jelly is made of juice, jam is made with crushed fruit and preserves have large chunks of fruit, usually in a base that's half way between jelly and jam in consistency. So it's not just jelly = jam.
  • Craig Thornton
    The black currant jam (or jelly) you used is made about 5 miles from where I live. Everything they make is awesome. Glad to see its made it that far around the world.
  • Bunny
    That "Food A Cultural Culinary History" audiobook is INCREDIBLE. 18ish hours and I listened to it while commuting to work.
  • Carrie M.
    here in Brazil Peanut Butter wasn't very common, it was expensive and too sweet. In the last decade it became very popular because of the gym bros. I am forever thankful for those protein lovers, as I became a peanut butter lover myself 🙏
  • Rhys Coffin
    As a New Zealander, we can't imagine this sandwich without butter! And yes, tea would be the preferred beverage.
  • Dewi Lew
    You are the one and only crunchy PB fan whom I love and respect. And that says a lot! 🤗
  • I will be very much looking forward to a Kellog video, he is such a weirdo it’s always interesting to read about him.
  • Dave
    I remember when you started this channel Max! Bravo for coming so far. You deserve every sub!
  • Pb&j is extremely nostalgic for most people who grew up in Canada or the US. Cool to see the origins of the combo.
  • O'Connor Sean
    Oh the inhumanity of unsliced bread! Love your show! I've been cooking professionally for 45 years and always try to include the history of food while I'm teaching new cooks. The look on their face is priceless when they wonder why they have to learn, the history of the kitchen and food that they are learning!
  • Charlie
    I love that I experienced a whole new level of Max's passion about a food item.... and that it was school pb and j's. I love it!
  • luthfihar
    after hearing all of max's nostalgic story about his childhood food makes me think that a spin off series of max just cooking his childhood and nostalgic food while telling small anecdotes of his life would be really cool
  • Meep Meep
    Just thought I'd shoutout the countless languages subtitled on these videos (I assume they're on the others). Thank you "subtitlers", now I can share this with my non-English speaking friends and they can still learn about food history, it's so awesome!!!