2024 Dacia Duster Hybird - Interıor, Exterior and Accessoires

Published 2023-12-02
The All-New Duster also introduces more InNature accessories:
Sleep Pack, first introduced on the Jogger, will now also be available for the All-New Duster. A bespoke design for the All-New Duster, it is a simple, removable and affordable 3-in-1 box containing a double bed that folds out in less than two minutes, a tray table and storage space. The Sleep Pack measures 1.90 metres long and up to 1.30 metres wide
A new roof rack, which is extremely handy for outdoor activities and can hold up to 80 kg (maximum dynamic weight). It fastens effortlessly onto the modular roof bars in the transverse position, or to aftermarket roof bars.

True to Dacia’s values, the All-New Duster provides an affordable alternative for more sustainable driving, combining new hybrid powertrains and more recycled materials.

All-New Dacia Duster HYBRID 140: This powertrain, which Dacia adopted for Jogger in early 2023, is now available with All-New Duster. It is built with technologies that Renault Group has tried and tested, and comprises a 4-cylinder, 1.6-litre, 94 hp petrol engine, two electric motors (a 49 hp powerplant and a high-voltage starter generator), and an electric automatic gearbox (with 4 engine ratios and 2 motor ratios). This combined technology is possible because the system is clutchless. The regenerative braking, the 1.2 kWh (230 V) battery’s high energy recovery capacity and the gearbox’s efficiency make it possible to drive in all-electric mode up to 80% of the time in cities, which reduces consumption by 20% (mixed cycle) to 40% (urban cycle). The engine always starts with electric power.

All-New Dacia Duster TCe 130: This is the first time Dacia has used this powertrain, which provides an initial degree of electrification. It combines a new-generation 3-cylinder, 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine using the Miller cycle (reduced pump losses optimise efficiency) and a 48 V mild hybrid motor. This motor aids the internal combustion engine when the car starts or accelerates, reducing average consumption and CO2 emissions by about 10% compared to an internal combustion engine with equivalent power. It also provides more power during acceleration than the existing TCe 130 model, making the vehicle more responsive and smoother to drive. The regenerative braking system charges the 0.9 kWh battery without making a noticeable difference for the driver. The TCe 130 powertrain is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox in the 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

All-New Dacia Duster TCe 100 Bi-Fuel: Dacia, the unchallenged LPG leader in Europe, is the only carmaker to provide a dual fuel (petrol and LPG) option on all its internal-combustion models, under the Bi-Fuel label. The All-New Duster comes with this built-in tried and tested technology that guarantees safety and reliability. When running on LPG, the All-New Duster TCe 100 Bi-Fuel on average releases 10% less CO2 than a comparable petrol engine. It can drive up to 1,300 km (WLTP) with its two tanks holding 100 litres between them – 50 litres of petrol and 50 litres of LPG (the latter is under the boot floor, so it does not affect cargo capacity). A button built seamlessly into the dashboard switches the engine from one fuel to the other instantly and imperceptibly.

Today, about 70% of Duster customers opt for the higher-end trims. Accordingly, the All-New Duster line-up now has three tiers. These are, Essential, Expression, and a new choice between two distinct yet complementary top trims – Extreme, for fans of the outdoors and an intense driving experience, and Journey, for those who prefer low-key elegance and comfort. Both the latter will be available at similar prices.

Key standard equipment and features include:
1 - Duster Essential: media control, fixed roof bars, six airbags, rear parking sensors and more.

2 - Duster Expression: same as Essential + 17-inch alloy wheels, 7-inch digital dashboard, 10.1-inch centre touchscreen with Media Display infotainment system and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto wireless replication, reversing camera and more.

3 - Duster Extreme: same as Essential + modular roof bars, washable TEP MicroCloud upholstery, rubber floor and boot mats, automatic air conditioning, Media Nav Live infotainment system with connected navigation, hands-free keycard, electric door mirrors, YouClip 3-in-1 system, Copper Brown decorative touches inside and out, and more.

4 - Duster Journey: same as Essential + 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic air conditioning, hands-free keycard, electric parking brake, wireless smartphone charger, Media Nav Live infotainment system with connected navigation, 6-speaker Arkamys 3D Sound System, and more.


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  • @ks_design3414
    Congratulations to Dacia's engineers, this project is amazing. Dacia did a great development with design, technology and ergonomy
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    Was für ein toller Wagen 🤩 Die DACIA Techniker haben alles richtig gemacht! Vielen Dank für absolute Facharbeit😊
  • @neru4557
    Seriously I'll be the first one to buy when launch will happen in India 🇮🇳
  • I have a 2023 Duster, would definitely consider an upgrade next year. This is lovely
  • @paulajo1459
    Fajne auto! Gratulacje dla inżynierów! 👍
  • @jairoliveira1181
    Carro lindo como uma poesia romântica, quando chegar no Brasil com certeza vou comprar um. Parabéns a Dacia.
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    Ce nouveau Duster va faire un carton. Magnifique vidéo, bravo à l'équipe du projet Duster 2024.
  • @artpan4376
    Never in "100" years I would consider to buy Dacia.....But now...I do.....Hope recycle logo on the side panel will not make on production cars.
  • @dtuk22
    I like it....i like it alot. 👍
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    im on the shortlist for first pre orders 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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    Its perfect, down to the last minute detail, perfect 👌
  • Quando chega no Brasil 🇧🇷 ? Mandem uma versão off road 4x4 automático. Motor 1.3 turbo combinado com motor elétrico. Precisamos de carros robustos econômicos e com bons preços! China 🇨🇳 invadiu aqui 😂😂😂
  • @garyslade7029
    im in the uk and will be getting one as soon as i can