This turtle hospital fixes injured turtles with zip ties and crazy glue | Fix & Release

Published 2017-12-19
In Fix and Release, a turtle trauma centre in Peterborough, Ontario fights to save endangered freshwater turtles — using a combination of modern veterinary medicine and things from the hardware store. #CBCShortDocs

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The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre is a little-known turtle trauma centre in Peterborough, Ontario. Every spring and summer, dozens of injured turtles arrive at the centre after collisions with cars and boats.

Most freshwater turtle species in Canada are endangered due to loss of habitat and modern human interference. Turtles are vital for healthy wetlands, and every saved turtle makes a difference.

Veterinarian Dr. Sue Carstairs leads a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are developing their own groundbreaking approach to reptile medicine — an approach that includes zip ties, duct tape and Krazy Glue. Of their work at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, she says, “We are saving the world one turtle at a time”.

This visually stunning film shows turtles in a way that few have seen before, highlighting their amazing ability to recover from catastrophic injuries.

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All Comments (21)
  • Jordan Forbes
    I just watched a news report about some sick teenage girls who ran over a turtle on purpose and are facing animal cruelty charges. Nice to see such caring people after seeing that. Keep up the good work. So inspiring and heart warming.
  • This warmed my little grinch heart! A truly excellent job being done to help these fellas!
  • Mavaddat Javid
    Thank you so much for making this! I went to their website after watching and saw that it is possible to donate the work they do: As an animal lover and DIY fixer of things, I value this work on so many levels. It was so hard to watch, seeing those turtles in pain with gaping wounds and breakages on their shells.
  • Brett Karst
    Way to go helping these Turtles!!! I appreciate your work. I absolutely love Turtles...
  • Robin Gagan
    I found a large turtle 17 years ago at root river ,hwy 17, sault ste marie. It had been run over, and it was upside down and smashed on the side of the road. I took it home and put it in the tub overnight. Dr. Craig at Northland clinic built it a fiberglass shell
  • Randall Lobo
    Seeing the turtle at 8:00 I was shocked at how hardy these creatures are. Still makes me sad
  • 0xHalox0
    Long time ago my turtle choked on a shrimp i saved his life. He's healthy and happy 👍
  • wow thank you for saving them they are such sweet and mysterious animals !!!
  • Joseph Gonzalez
    May the turtles that have died rest in peace dam it mad me sad 🐢😣💤
  • Mary Jane
    She’s amazing god sent an angel to protect a species that’s been here and will be here much longer than us if we continue to protect and care for them. They’ve had to adapt to our terrorism that we’ve caused to their homes...

    This is one of the best filmed and edited videos I’ve ever seen! Props to you guys keep up this work and knowledge ❤️
  • Marilyn Russell
    I've stopped many times to encourage a turtle to get across the road and not get hit. Love turtles!
  • Sara Kolednik
    oh the poor little 3 year old baby 😣😥 i have a baby turtle around that age i feel bad for the turtle and he died in care rest in peace little one
  • Rana El Taco
    would be nice to see our tax dollars helping to take care of things like this, instead of them being ran privately/donations. I mean... I look at the salaries politicians have and never felt they earned any of it... a real waste of taxpayers money.
  • CMaj7
    Thanks for help them
  • Hello Sweetheart
    What do you recommend we do to help turtles crossing the road? Help them to their destination right??