Tom Brokaw's Big Ideas: Tom Brokaw at TEDxPortland

Published 2013-06-02
In only a way that Tom Brokaw can, we are taken through a time travel exposition of great ideas that have defined and transformed life in this world as we know it. Filled with many first hand accounts, his storytelling mastery delighted the crowd inspiring everyone to bigger and better pursuits. In closing, he challenges us to design a new template for public service in America -- an unparalleled opportunity before us.

Tom Brokaw has been an award-winning journalist and news anchor for over 40 years. His esteemed career includes the first one-on-one interview with Mikhail Gorbachev and the first network report on human rights abuses in Tibet with an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama. He was also the only American network anchor to report from the scene when the Berlin Wall fell. In 1998, Brokaw published The Greatest Generation, one of the most popular nonfiction books of the 20th century.

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  • @ericclark8500
    Tom Brokaw has incredible integrity, what an amazing example he is to us all. I wish young people would look up to men like this rather than social media influencers and celebrities.
  • @REGjr
    I read he retired last year, so I think that means he continued working at NBC until he was 81. My father who died in 2016 was three years younger but had been retired since the 90s. I think it was around 2004 or 2005 when he told me Toronto wasn’t in Canada. Really important to stay intellectually active. Brokaw’s a great example.

    He was the commencement speaker for the senior class that graduated a year ahead of me. Wasn’t even my graduation but I think I remember correctly that he told them to always live beneath their means. I don’t think that was necessarily the entire gist of his speech and maybe that’s what he closed with but it’s been 35 years and goes without saying that’s good advice, but I think of that as part of his personality and indicative of his character
  • @sweetseve1150
    thank you so much for this Ted Talk. I feel incredibly humbled by the sacrifices that came before me, and inspired to find ways to contribute my own efforts to our home in meaningful ways.
  • I grew up in Nebraska, starting in the 1960’s, only a few miles from where Tom Brokaw lived, and watched him on the news. He, and Johnny Carson, who came from nearby Norfolk, were such sizable influences for me because of TV. He seems to share this pressing idea—end war before it ends humanity—with me and likely so many. imagine the relief that all of us would feel. We could raise children without sending them to die. What a gift it would be, one that we can give to each other. He values our heroes like I do, but surely wishes that we might call others heroes for other important reasons, instead.
  • @maferoa8009
    This guy can do a speech!!! Like poetry every word!
  • @yoursubconscious
    10 yrs. later and still has meaning, maybe more than ever today.
  • I grew up watching Mr. Brokaw deliver top stories with NBC nightly news; when his commanding deep baritone voice spoke people listen. the level of concern he transmitted was unparalleled now that I see where his coming from I realize he embodies the American Night in shining armor! He made all of us conscientious of what the greatest generation stands for and why with a great piece of Americana and not to forget we live in the world they created with the ultimate sacrifice. A fair Men who lives and stands by his values “Long live Mr. Brokaw”
  • @franktfrisby
    This guy was ahead of his time. Because this age well. If there wasn’t a date, I’d thought it was a new video.
  • @larrykent196
    Outstanding, thank you very much Mr. Tom Brokaw and TedxPortland.
  • @willow.99
    This talk has The Most Important Information of what was before, could be now if we don’t wake-up and move some small stuff around to accommodate the Big Ideas 🙌. Outstanding, Thank You for sharing, please add more story-talks!!
    (It is of those important years that are now returning with changes ‘chomping-at-the-bit’ to create enormous positive revolutions in our (Own) Field of Operation(s), and all of it simply through the hearts-will 🤍✨) I Hope so much people of power take these ideas and Run with them! You’ve had enough time to see and know all of this Duality that needs to be Transmuted, and You Sir have these Solutions!
  • @edkalnins42
    Our nation is in desperate need of man like this today. Amazingly inspirational.
  • @aloysiusbrewer5250
    I totally agree! We lack right of passage and honor for who we are together as a country and for good reason. Our history as a country is tainted and it is terrying us down as a whole. Many people like that idea, well I'm sure they can find plenty of reasons to back up the idea that our country should fall apart. Times are getting dark and could just continue to worsen as people become more and more greedy and we just become a shallow cultural of greed.

    We are who we are as a whole and we can not change our history though we can change our future. The GI bill changed everything and Civil service out of high school is the way to bring honor and unification back to this country. And further more we would have alot less war if everyone, I mean everyone's 18 year old had to go to war if war has to come to be. Not just the volunteers, those who are escaping poverty though those who also hail from the well to do rich of this country. Then those in power would think twice before picking a fight.
    After high school you serve your country for two years in some kind of civil service then you are honored with the privilege of earning at least two years of good education payed for and the honor that you served and know how to serve. So much could be gained from this.
  • @eawil-sunart
    Wow I would love to hear him speak about our country now!!! There is such a comfort hearing his voice it reminds me of the good old days !!! When things were safe and predictable!!!
  • He would make a great president for USA. He is respected by many nations and intelligent with values. His life is open. A understanding person. Just food for thought 🤔