Whitney Houston "I Love The Lord" (LIVE) w/lyrics

Published 2012-09-17
Whitney Houston singing "I Love The Lord" at her 'Classic Whitney' Concert w/lyrics

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  • Monsanto Lee
    This song! You can feel the holy spirit, no matter what demons she was wrestling with, I do believe she love the Lord!!!
  • John Wick
    Dear Lord, I pray for everyone in this comment section reading this right now standing in the need of prayer. I ask that you will help them with the struggles they're going through. For you God knows exactly what they need. Draw near to them Lord God and let them feel your presence. Open their eyes, ears, and hearts to you.! In Jesus mighty name let it be so! Thank you Lord God for your grace and mercy!!
  • Noah Williams
    No matter her struggles Whitney praised God publicly when it was not popular. She ALWAYS gave credit to the most high. Powerful.
  • Undefeated92
    She made me cry with this performance. So soulful and powerful.
    Whitney Houston will always be the best female singer in history.
  • Ania Rezag
    Im muslim but this song touch me in my soul , no matter what it means to any of you but there is one lord and long as we live we run to his trone ! No matter what , feel the love , feel the spirit, no matter what the lyrics means to you if you have the faith this song touch ur soul and u just wanna thank the lord
  • elmolegs
    This woman wasn't singing she was testifying Amen Whitney
  • Brittany LaShay
    He's been nothing but Good.I had cancer and the LORD saved me then he healed me.Praise the name of JESUS! Im so proud GOD Resurrected his only begotten son and because he live's I shall live also.
  • Queen V
    She felt the Holy Spirit when she sang this song. I know cuz I felt it too 💯❤️
  • A. robinson
    "WHITNEY, WHITNEY, WHITNEY! There shall never be another. You sang that song and you can feel it in your spirit! No matter what, it is clear that you did Love The Lord!"
  • Mara Troyern
    I could feel the Holy Spirit when she hit those notes. When God walks in the building every other spirit has to leave. Whitney was testifying!
  • Tochter Europas
    This still puts me tears in my eyes, in 2020! Halleluia
  • Charisse Jones
    Im convinced this is what angels sound like serenading the Lord..💕💕💕
  • totalvicky
    When purpose meets passion ... the holy spirit walks on in ... you can hear Him in her voice! Amen!
  • Lovely sosweet
    I was paralyzed and I'm walking again I can even run and dance God is so good and he is protecting me from evil!
  • Keke Warrior
    In my darkest days I was alone and anxiety depression sickness ran through my body like fire. I woke to dark, pain, hurt, guilt. Now I still wake up with it til this day. The only difference is when I do I run to his throne. I am never alone. You aren't alone!
  • bruce nevils
    I look at this video often. Her testimony was powerfully presented and her voice....how can anyone deny God's love after hearing her? Well done, well done.
  • Seger Holm
    Chills and tears, chills and tears. I'm breathless & filled with the Holy Spirit. When she sang it was between her and Jesus/God and we had the good fortune & honor to be able to witness.
  • daryl hackworth
    Truly anointed and very gifted!!!! No one can ever deny her talent!!!!! The best to ever hold a mic
  • Jermaine Brown
    He heard my cry, and He pitied every groan.

    Life is rough, but God is good.
  • Donald
    The background was killing it “on point” it made Whitney rejoice “she was touched” 1:25-1:35