Pitching a Show

Published 2022-09-24
Super excited for you all to see what the teams been cooking up for the last two years! 🐊 🍞
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All Comments (21)
  • Awesomemay
    this man went from making storytimes on sandwiches to now a full netflix show its insane
  • Amanda Tan
    i feel like a proud parent watching james accomplish so many milestones
  • RavenStarMedia
    As someone who has a couple shows I'm trying to pitch, this is really encouraging. You're awesome, James!
  • Giacomo Glioti
    As someone who's in the middle of developing a show, I'm so glad I found this, I'm putting so much love and care in my little baby and adore every single thing about it, from the story to the charachters, one of my greatest fears was that I didn't know anything about how the hell I was gonna pitch it and now, thanks to you, thinking about it makes me just a tad less scared, ty James.
  • The Mixtackis
    I gotta say I like how we see Eco and Max through out the video
  • kekeflipnote
    Once again, Congratulations! It's really inspiring to see all the way you came along!
  • Riapeace Phelps
    It’s been amazing seeing your channel go from the beginning to now with a full Netflix show
  • Eric Dowden
    I saw your art on Netflix and was immediately happy for YOU! I can definitely say this is one of the first times I was happy for another person accomplishments. Way to go!
  • Exiting Heaven
    I just clicked on your show last night with me and my two daughters 13 and 10 and we couldn’t turn off the tv. We laughed with every episode it’s really good. Thank you for bringing my family together
  • Cat&Booklover
    I love the detail he added of the statues bringing different characters in other shows like Wirt from Over the Garden Wall and Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender.

    So excited to see the show, keep up the great work!
  • Aimee Ward
    Does anyone else feel sorry for that poor executive getting the crap kicked out of him the entire video?

    Also thanks James! I've been working on a show with my friend and now I know what to do!
  • I did a thing
    I beat you at boxing but you have a netflix show.....you win
  • Brianna Reyes
    I use to watch all your videos everyday over and over again when I was younger and just saw your show is coming on Netflix I can’t believe how far you’ve come and can’t wait to watch your show. I’m so proud and happy for you. ❤️
  • HippohiFIVE
    I’ve been binge watching his show for 9 episodes and I just have to say I love it and I think it’s a great show 👍
  • Loading
    the fact that max is an old character is really fun
  • James, you are the perfect little Chad for this sort of thing, instead of talking quietly and to the point, you read with bloody expression, which can allow other people like me someone who has been diagnosed with autism, to understand the premise more. I hope that oddballs is as good as you pitched and I hope that my series is equally successful
  • Ethan Palmer
    Honestly super happy to see you go from small time animation YouTuber to now having a Netflix show! It's so awesome! Been watching for a long time and makes it that much better
  • Ryan George
    Pitching a show is super easy, barely an inconvenience
  • xShdo
    His animations got so much more smoother after he made that show