Jack Ma's Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH)

Published 2017-07-18
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  • Thank you so much for watching. Jack Ma is one of my largest inspirations, as I believe he has a great outlook for our future. If you enjoyed, please Like and Subscribe for DAILY videos every weekday, to get you through your work or school week. Stay motivated my friends, and keep persevering! =)
  • @lessonsin30s
    "Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine." 🏆
  • @user-ll7zx9sk3n
    This video featuring Jack Ma's life advice is inspiring and thought-provoking. His insights into perseverance, failure, and the importance of a positive attitude are valuable for anyone looking to make a change in their life. The video is definitely worth watching and can help shift one's perspective towards a more proactive and optimistic approach to life.
  • Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

    -Jack Ma
  • @shabankags2219
    I'm currently watching this today from Africa, Zambia. I'm 26 years old, school is not my thing I want to try start up a business or businesses and I'm very ready to make mistakes again and again in order to grow and learn. Thank you Jack for this message.
  • @emtatiwa5754
    Jack you are so good at motivating us to success and learn from our mistakes. I am really motivated to change my way of looking at life because of what you said. I will definitely succeed and quote you as my motivation
  • @karthickv3955
    This is not just a motivation, he is the motivation. I admire hire him more than any of the entrepreneurs on the planet. His state of mind is just mind blowing.
  • @heidi9801
    Don’t worry about money, money follow the people and people follow the dreams
    Such a good phase from Jack Ma.
    I am so motivated with this.
  • @Hana_Hobbies
    "Never give up" Thanks Jack Ma. Anytime, when I felt a little tired, a little bit doubt about my self. I watch and listen again many times your wise advise.
  • Great video, Motivation Madness! I was truly inspired by your deep dive into the success story of Alibaba and their impact on the e-commerce industry. It's amazing to see how Jack Ma's vision and determination propelled Alibaba to become a global giant in the business world. The way you presented the information with such clarity and professionalism made it easy for me to understand the key principles behind their success. Keep up the fantastic work! #InspirationUnleashed
  • It's nearly impossible not to change your mindset if you follow Jack's words.
  • After hearing his speech..... I'm ready...for making any mistakes....🥰🥰.....it really motivates me
  • Thanks Jack, I'm with you. Thank you for leading by example. Don't forget to thank your parents for raising a balanced human being. Most people lean more in one direction or the other ethical or moral complimentary opposites. You considered both side of decision making. You cared as much about creating actual value and perceived value. Your decisions brought both profit as well as increasing people's quality of life. And you did it your country, the country that needed it most. National hero in my opinion.
  • This is the reason why everytime we see a successful person, we should go for their story and not just celebrate with them (as advised by one of my mentors). It's good to celebrate people's success but we learn better when we know how they came to be. I think their life testimonies give us something to learn from.
  • Jack Ma you're such an amazing motivational speaker! I empowered to pursue my goals and dreams turned reality..i admire your success in life..
  • @aashishtmg5985
    Sir Jack Ma, you are the most inspiring person for me and for every youngesters. I'm 19 now soon to be 20 and because of you I learned to respect time, I knew that I have enough time for my goals and dreams! I'm changing a lot because of your story & mistakes! Thank you so very much sir for teaching us (youngesters) the value of time! Love you sir FOREVER😊💖✌️
  • Am really very grateful to listen to such great words from him and her and really picking something from them ,i pray that anyone who listens and watch it may your life change Amen.
  • @samoreloaded
    I just watched your first 2 minutes. It was amazing, I need time to digest it before I move ahead. I am 32 now, and my life went just as you said until now, but I must admit it was not due to my own choices mostly, it was more situations and circumstances in which I found myself. My life so far has been an inspiring story to every person I meet in my path, but never to myself until I listened to this video this morning. I want to say thank you for letting me know I have to appreciate my life so far and not regret the choices I didn't have. Thank you!
  • I love what he said, Learn from other people's mistakes do not learn from successful stories.