Disability Discriminated by a Blogger Event? Storytime | Fashioneyesta

Published 2020-05-06
🦮 Open Me 🦮

In todays story time video I will be sharing the time that I was discriminated against as a disabled person by a bloggers event (not clickbait).

This is the story when my guide dog was refused access to a bloggers event by the company.

Disclaimers: Please remember the following.

1. In this video I will be using FAKE names, none of the names used in this video are the actual names of the real people.
2.This incident happened a number of years ago, it is NOT a recent occurrence.
3.This is not a company I work with now.
4. This video is not clickbait, everything I'm telling you really did happen.

Please keep the comment section kind and safe xx

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All Comments (21)
  • @HowCaseySeesIt
    First off, your dress and room is so pretty! You’re like a gorgeous fairy princess! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t have a guide dog but I can’t imagine how much discrimination their users must face. It really frustrates me. People need to be educated on it.
  • @idaandgoose4198
    You've inspired me to open up about access denials I've faced with my own guide dog!! Thanks for being brave and sharing. Discrimination thrives in silence, but cannot stand if we keep the conversation going!
  • @LifeOfJimbo
    glad to see from you again especially during these hard times - hope you're coping with quarantine okay!
  • That’s so crazy that they do that to you. Like you said it what did she expect would happen, of course you would question it after she said that to you. And I don’t blame you for not going further with it, like you said you were young and this is your first event and it makes total sense that you’ll be confused about all the back-and-forth and conflicting information you were getting.
  • @SassyWyattBlind
    All I can say is I’m glad they are no longer in business, they don’t deserve anyone’s custom with disgusting discriminating actions like this. Thanks for sharing this video and highlighting that unfortunately this could be part of a disabled persons struggle to access xxx
  • @kimwhelan8842
    Emily my 8 month old daughter has septo optic dysplasia. When I was pregnant we were given such a bleak prognosis regarding her capabilities and future. I watched your vlogs and it gave our family so much hope! You are so driven and explain the condition so well, one of the things I particularly enjoy is that you touch on limitations but concentrate on your achievements and you have such a positive attitude!! Like you our daughter is determined and despite any health issues she stuns us all every day with her willpower and smiling eyes. You are a wonderful inspirational woman. As an aside I can say I giggled when I discovered that "Gretchen's" company folded. 😄
  • @MommaCore
    Hello new subscriber here, thank you for this video it’s so important to tell our experiences and spread awareness, my family and I have a disability awareness channel, it’s so exciting and reassuring to find a lovely channel like yours. Sending many blessings and support from one channel to another 💁🏼‍♀️🥰🙏🏻
  • @HarrisInkwell
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Your dog looks so cute. :)
  • Discrimination against disabled people is something many people deny. Thank you for speaking out.
  • @toniedudley6593
    Hi Great video x So glad this lady did not stop you going to other events and her company is no longer carrying on 😊
  • Ps it's great to see you're unity having such an active role in you're video she looked so in to it
  • @waylee264
    It breaks my heart to hear of people with disabilities being discriminated against. I once had a math teacher who questioned my ability to do math because I am blind. He clearly thought because I'm blind that my brain doesn't work either. I went home and cried. Then just to prove him wrong and because I love math so much, I got a 100 on the test.
  • @habib0409
    they know we are sensitive but they still treat us badly , they don't put themselves in our place
  • @saraibrahim6834
    you're so beautiful and intelligent and very articulated - keep going, you are a role model :)
  • My sweet and that "Gretchen" is a no good rat and I'm very glad that you and Unity went to that event and that queen rat bag didn't stop you from following you're dreams it's clearly something that your brilliant at
    Have you ever had the great displeasure of meeting her again
    All that being said great video your wonderful and you're looking amazing xxx
  • @JuanAlcazar
    It’s both funny and sad that she was still in denial even though you could show her her own messages on your phone.

    It sounds like she is the type of person who doesn’t want to own up to anything she did wrong.
  • @AnimeshDas108
    Good to hear from you. I hope you are doing great. Take Care Stay Safe.
  • Amazing, how people are conceptualizing to their own understanding something, which they are not able to experience themselves! I have had the opposite situation thrown at me a ton - because I suffer from an “ invisible” condition, people think that I am faking, or lying... good stuff :) Come say hi! :)
  • @SarahMcNabb16
    Hi I hope you unity and your family are keeping safe during this time